Have you ever wanted to go underwater and enjoy the ocean for all of its true seabed beauties? Allow us to introduce to you the Bladefish Take Off Ibiza.

Not sure exactly what it is? Never fear, simply relax and indulge. The Bladefish Take Off Ibiza Seajet is the perfect underwater propulsion system that will help you, your family and your friends enjoy the underwater pleasures of the Balearic Sea like you’ve never seen it before.

You will make unique discoveries your naked eye will bear witness to for the first time as you begin to interact with a world buried in the deep beautiful blue sea. You will reach new realms you have been to before and sooner or later, you will begin to feel a lot more at home underwater each time you make a fresh exciting discovery.

So next time you journey across the beach, just think to yourself… how many times have I sat on a beach in my life? How many opportunities will I get to experience Bladefish Take Off Ibiza? The latter always wins.

You'll be able to book tickets for Bladefish Take Off Ibiza in the next few weeks.