Classify yourself as a thrill-seeker on and off the dance floor? Can you spin 360 on water? If the answers to the two aforementioned questions are yes, then get yourself down to Jet Boat 360 Take Off Ibiza!

Raging with excitement and ready to ride the Balearic waves with an unlimited quantity of raw aggression like never before, this summer could see you ride an ultra-fast jetboat that will send carnivorous sensations down your spine like you’ve never experienced before! Considered to be an aquatic ride for the ages, this excursion is worth every cent!

Designed to ride the waves in the most prima-donna style with memorable and fantastic jaw-dropping stunts including 180 and 360 degree spins, wave jumping and breathtaking power brake stops, simply nothing on water compares to Jet Boat 360 Take Off Ibiza.

Travelling at unrivalled speeds with a monumental sound system like no other on water, this is the White Isle’s Balearic water apocalypse. No imitations are advised and those who ride aboard are respected for their sheer bravery.

If indeed you are keen, you must notify the Take Off Ibiza team 48 hours before you wish to participate in such exhilarating activity. In order to receive a full refund, just in case you change your mind, you must provide 24 hours notice.

Jet 360 Take Off Ibiza is the quickest, off-the-rail original stunt boat, enjoy.

You'll be able to book tickets for Jet Boat 360 Take Off Ibiza in the next few weeks.