Superman, Batman, Spiderman… we all have a favourite super hero.

However, it’s rare that many of us get to feel like a super hero. With the presence of Jet Packs Take Off Ibiza on the White Isle though this summer, many super hero dreams could be turned into a reality.

You may have seen them at Ushuaia Ibiza when on the dance floor next to the pool and you may have seen them accompanying the famous Pukka Up Boat Party over the past few summers too. The jet pack, flyboard and hoverboard are devices both drive air and water. Within minutes, it provides with dolphin-like movement within the water and the impossible of defying gravity is made a possibility. The push is provided by the nozzles and different directions are provided by the tilt.

Whilst this may be the ultimate dream for every adrenaline addict, it is one of the more expensive excursions. However, it is worth every single cent. For 15 minutes, this would cost you €110 whilst half-an-hour would be €220.

Like we said though, how many days to you get the chance to become Superman on water? Get your cape ready, it’s time to go flying.

You'll be able to book tickets for Jet Packs Take Off Ibiza in the next few weeks.