Allow us to paint the perfect picture for you…..

You are looking down on the wonderful coastline of the White Isle whilst admiring the world famous Cafe Mambo sunset, incomparable to any other view in the world, with an experience incomparable to any other in Ibiza as you glide calmly above the deep crystal blue sea of San Antonio Bay with Parasailing Take Off Ibiza.

This perfect picture can be painted and experienced for anywhere up to two hours as you and all of your friends get the opportunity to fly through the blue skies of Ibiza without a cloud in sight and the world at your feet feeling like the Balearic equivalent of Superman.

You can enjoy such an experience on this highlight reel of all excursions on board an ultra-quick adrenaline-fuelled speed boat followed by a memorable take off like no other.

Soaring up to 400 metres high in the sky, such a parachute sensation provides you with the ultimate bird’s eye view of San Antonio Bay and all the antics that take place within it. Such wonderful scenery is accompanied by a breathtaking view of mountains, beaches and never-ending views of the ocean – truly incredible if we do say so ourselves.

If indeed you are keen, you must notify the Take Off Ibiza team 48 hours before you wish to participate in such exhilarating activity. In order to receive a full refund, just in case you change your mind, you must provide 24 hours notice.

Parasailing Take Off Ibiza – life in the sky truly is a life in paradise, especially in Ibiza.

You'll be able to book tickets for Parasailing Take Off Ibiza in the next few weeks.