Need a change of scenery away from Ibiza’s nightlife? Did you underestimate the island that never sleeps? Maybe life outside of the fast lane and in the water with Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing is more up your street…

Ibiza is a magical place complete with surprises. From the world’s biggest nightclubs and best DJs to its hidden treasures and enjoyable excursions, nothing truly compares to Ibiza. In terms of excursions, Ibiza allows you to discover its more natural and beautiful side and what better way to do so that by taking part in Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing.

Providing you with a memorable experience on water like no other, you get to surf through the crystal clear waters of the Balearic with a wonderful stand-up surf paddle trip where balance is the key to everything (unless you don’t mind getting a little wet of course).

Allowing you to access hidden beaches and maritime caves, you can paddle your way to your ultimate Balearic experience discovering everything Ibiza has to offer and more. Whether it’s your honeymoon, a stag or hen party or just a trip on holiday with some friends, any occasion with Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing is enjoyable.

Coming at a cost of from €55 per person, Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing offers two excursions during the high season. One takes place in the morning and one takes place in the evening at the Sunset Strip.

If you are in search of something different to experience in Ibiza, we suggest you make Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing your number one priority from day one!

You'll be able to book tickets for Sup Ibiza Paddle Surfing in the next few weeks.