If we rewind the tape to when we were all kids, we were pretty much fearless.

It’s very ironic how the tables turn when we become an adult and all of a sudden, even the slightest bit of rain has us running for the nearest shelter! Well now it’s time to come face-to-face with those fears and take on Water Jet Skis Take Off Ibiza!

Guaranteed to get drenched (if you fall off that is), the slightest bit of rain will become meagre footnote in your memory when drying yourself off at the end of this excursion. The real question is are you brave enough to ride the Water Jet Skis Take Off Ibiza?

Departing from San Antonio, there are three options available to tourists for hire. Firstly, you can opt for the Jet Ski Circuit. This provides you with a 30 minute time limit costing €110 for up to two people situated in San Antonio. This is qualified instructor will teach you the basics and will be close by at all times just in case of any confusion.

The Jet Ski Tour alternative allows riders 90 minutes on water to Islas Margaritas or Es Vedra for €325. This is for up to two passengers. On this tour, you are able to enjoy an exhilarating jet ski experience along the coast.

Finally, there is the Jet Ski Rental option, as long as you have a license, allowing you a half or full day’s use with the jet ski. For one person, this costs €460 or for two people, it costs €580.

It is definitely worth value for money and let’s face it, it’s not every day you get to ride a jet ski through Balearic paradise now is it?

You'll be able to book tickets for Water Jet Skis Take Off Ibiza in the next few weeks.