So veteran seasonal workers… the looming question of your summer’s fate beckons again. One more season in Ibiza or is it time to hang up your dancing shoes and finally embrace reality?

This is a question that the Ibiza working community are all too familiar with. Year after year, island enthusiasts book a one way ticket to the party capital chasing a summer of dreams, escapism and new experiences. And year after year, their love for the island increases making the eventual decision to say no and focus on constructing a life in the real world that much more difficult.

Attracted by a wealth of clubbing royalty, an endless supply of beautiful beaches and of course,  the blazing hot temperatures you struggle to find when whipping out a deck chair in your back yard, seasonal adventurers just find it all too tempting to resist. However, this begs the question… when do you know your limit? How many seasons can you do until you’re past your party prime? When should you focus on your long-term life goals?

So you’re entering your fifth season, you’re now well into your 20s/30s and your undecided on what road to take next in your life… maybe we can help you out?


Who cares how many seasons you have done or how old you are? In Ibiza, there is no time frame, there is no limit and there certainly is no judgement. The White Isle the land of equality, happiness and most importantly, the very best years of your life! So whilst you’re still alive, you might as well make the most of them right?

Here in Ibiza, everyone is a true believer of living life in the fast lane, and if possible, you should live it on the very edge of that fast lane because you never know when you’re going to fall off for good.

Life is all about the good times and these are the ones we treasure the most. Where better to create these memories than by enjoying another year of unpredictable madness on the White Isle? Need a reminder?

Despite seeing the doors of Space Ibiza close forever last summer, 2017 marks for another brand new chapter in the ever-evolving culture of Ibiza. Whilst his Space Ibiza residency days may be over, Carl Cox returns to the island this year at Privilege Ibiza for a couple of select dates with PURE CARL COX. There will be the introduction of a brand new clubbing structure in the form of Hï Ibiza. The opening party line-ups are slowly being revealed and are looking bigger and better than ever before!

This comes in addition to such island treasures as the famous Ibiza sunset (unparalleled to any in the world), the exquisite views and mystery surrounding Es Vedra Rock and the countless days of sunbathing you will be able to take advantage of on any beach/pool of your choice.

However… whilst everyone wants to tick every single Ibiza box available, sometimes a line in the sand needs to be drawn – a line that spells reality check.

Whilst confirmation of another six months in paradise may seem like heaven at the time, in many people’s eyes, it’s just another half-a-year to forget about the cold, undesirable realities that await the majority of us back at home.

For many of us, we save all winter to ensure we have the summer of our lives. However, if we’re spending all of our savings in the summer, then how are we going to progress in the long-run? Following relentless years of splashing your last pay cheques on rent, weekly shops at Suma and countless nights on the West End can sometimes feel like a waste when you tot up how much dollar your mates have saved back at home.

Some of you may have career aspirations, some of you may want to travel further abroad whilst others will want security and look to build families. Sometimes countless seasons in Ibiza can make you feel like you’re putting your life on hold. Then having the sense of no direction when you come home can sometimes feel like you’re trapped in a vicious cycle.

Of course, whilst you may not realise it now, several years of none-stop partying and nights out can also be an increasing concern for your long-term health. When working a season, many workers find themselves going out four or five nights a week drinking themselves under the table with no sense of limitation. Yes, life is definitely for living and we are all for that! However sometimes, you need to be smart enough to know your boundaries.

Either way, whether you are standing tall on a podium in the Terrace of Amnesia Ibiza soaking in the sunlight or relaxing on the Sunset Strip with friends and a Strawberry Daquiri whilst watching the sun set into the sea, you can be guaranteed that a summer in Ibiza is certainly a roller-coaster ride.