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Beach party celebrations with tINI and the gang are cancelled in Ibiza

Cracking down on nightlife on the White Isle, the local government in Ibiza have forced tINI and the gang to cancel all of their free daytime beach parties in 2016 at Lips Beach Club as they apply stricter policies to the party capital.

Having planned to orchestrate her beach celebrations a little differently in 2016, German DJ tINI felt the wrath of the local authorities in Ibiza two days before the event was set for its grand opening as they forced them to cancel all of their beach sessions at Lips Beach Club during the daytime. She informed her fans of the news through a video on Facebook saying that the local authorities had decided to “strike back in Ibiza.”

Originally, tINI had planned to operate two parties this summer. There would of course have been the beach party over at Lips during daytime hours as well as a club night taking place at Underground Ibiza of a night time. These events were planned across five Tuesdays between June and September.

Instead, Underground Ibiza will now play hosts to all five Tuesday events with proceedings commencing on 21st June as originally planned. In order to ensure all of the booked artists are still able to perform, Underground Ibiza will open doors at the earlier time of 9:30pm. The opening billing will see the likes of Funk E, Oskar Offermann and Harry McCanna perform.

Further names appearing throughout the summer will include Andy Kowles, Jordan, Julian Perez, Randall M, Varit, Vlada, Voigtmann, Alexkid, Franco Cinelli,, Rolls ‘n’ do, Yaya, Deaf Pillow, Ian F, Joao Maria, St Joseph, Topper, Bella Sarris, Die Hollander, Isherwood, Junger, Pelle (NL) and Roon.

tINI and the gang have experienced difficulties with the authorities in the past too, most recently in 2015 they had to move venue half-way through the summer.


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