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Why Craig David’s TS5 Ibiza is the hottest pool party on the island

Bringing the very sound of South Beach Miami all the way to the scorching, intimate shores of Ibiza, Craig David without a shadow of a doubt created the hottest pool party of the summer last year in the party capital.

After several years away from the surface of UK Garage and R&B, the Southampton-born superstar sparked one of the greatest comebacks in Urban music history as he rose to prominence once again following a couple of appearances in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. This then snowballed on social media ensuring a successful collaboration with Big Narstie, a new recording contract with Insanity Records and of course, his emphatic pool party residency over at Ibiza Rocks Hotel last summer.

Craig David returns to the White Isle this summer across 10 exclusive dates at Ibiza Rocks every single Thursday where his residency will operate from 6th July until 21st September.

Speaking of the latter, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about… what is it exactly that makes Craig David’s TS5 Ibiza the hottest pool party to have graced our beloved White Isle last summer? Well, allow us to indulge you…

Can I get a Re-Rewind on them vocals?

Can I get a Re-Reeeeeewind?! Sweet-tongued, vocally gifted and versatile in his range and pitch, you can only sit back, open your ears and admire as one of UK Garage’s favourite sons makes magic on the mic.

Vocals are integral in any singing performance however when somebody can halt your attention, grip you and then hypnotise you purely through their singing abilities, then you my friend are a force to be reckoned with, which is what Craig David is. The comeback maestro doesn’t stop there either, he can rap, he can MC and he also DJs. With Craig David, you get endless quality from endless skills… there isn’t much more to say.

Ibiza Rocks is rockin’ all summer long

Ibiza Rocks is called Ibiza Rocks for a reason – because simply put, it rocks. However, when Craig David’s TS5 pool party is present, the venue rocks that much that if Ibiza Rocks was to have a roof above its pool party, it would most likely blow off somewhere into the Balearic Sea.

The vibe is incredible when you walk through the door to a TS5 event. The drinks are flowing, the music is pumping and the atmosphere in the day-time when the sun is shining is simply phenomenal. In addition to this, whilst the majority of Ibiza Rocks events apply strict no pool rules, Craig David’s TS5 throws caution to the win and invites you to make the biggest splash of the summer possible. Even if you come in for just one splash, the scenes taking place are worth checking out alone.

Balcony views

Whilst many of us enjoy getting in the thick of the action, spreading our arms and creating the biggest splash possible at pool parties, some of us clubbers are more reserved and prefer to dance at the back/get involved in smaller doses. This is where booking a room at Ibiza Rocks Hotel comes in handy… you can roll on upstairs, dry off for a bit and drink from your balcony.

From your balcony you can take in the atmosphere, take a moment to build up your fatigue and stamina for the second half of the pool party antics and if you really need to update it, take a cheeky profile picture for social media to make all your friends at home very, very jealous.

Humble to his very core

At the conclusion of last summer, Craig David thanked the audience “from the bottom of his heart” for their support and attendance throughout 2016.

Having been on the absolute verge of obscurity to now battle back into the mainstream, produce and sell records and perform on a weekly basis in Ibiza, it came as a delight to see and for this, it made his fans admire him even more. This simply adds to the positivity surrounding his TS5 pool parties.


Without fail, last summer if you wanted a ticket to go and attend one of Craig David’s TS5 Ibiza pool parties and you decided you wanted to go last minute; chances are you probably didn’t have one. This is because this party sold out EVERY SINGLE WEEK (excuse the caps lock).

The proof is in the pudding and it is crazy to think how far TS5 has progressed. Starting off as the most exclusive pre-party in Miami between a handful of Craig’s friends, word soon spread and demand soon increased. Now TS5 is an international juggernaut and two extra dates have been added for the 2017 Ibiza calendar, the writing is pretty much on the wall for you if you want a taste of it this summer… get your tickets now! We don’t want you standing outside Ibiza Rocks on your Jack Jones with nothing but a rubber dingy, (and swimming attire of course).



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