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Drumcode A-Sides Volume 7: Unearthing four dazzling debuts

The seventh edition of Drumcode’s annual A-Sides compilation dropped recently featuring no fewer than 10 label debuts.

Adam Beyer is a man of many talents. A husband, a father, a DJ, a producer, a label boss, a drummer and most notably, an influential underground icon… the list goes on.

Coming from a humbled background of the stimulating Swedish underground, Adam has since reached the pinnacle of global club culture with one of the most consistent and carefully-constructed legacies to grace modern techno. Such a journey is mirrored through one of the biggest brands in dance music today, Drumcode.

A family and imprint he has overseen for more than two decades, Drumcode is home to one of the most loyal dance music followings around. Renowned for its simple philosophy of championing straightforward, powerful dance-floor orientated techno, Drumcode has stood the test of time through changing tides within the industry. Often imitated but rarely bettered, the brand’s continued peak has made it one of the most sustainable entities of the underground.

Another testament to the label’s powerhouse musical prowess is its annual A-Sides compilation. First dropped in 2012, we have now reached the seventh installation in the decorated series. Handing out no fewer than 10 debut caps, this 22-track spectacular sees Drumcode evolve and excel continuing to push techno forward.

Outstanding throughout, Volume 7 features cuts from the likes of ANNA, Charlotte de Witte, B.Traits, Wehbba, Boxia, Alan Fitzpatrick and Scuba as SCB, Bart Skils, Dense & Pika, Pig&Dan and more.

We caught up with four of the 10 Drumcode debutants about their thoughts on the latest A-Series compilation and how rewarding it feels to be involved, the inspiration behind their releases and their relationships with Adam himself.

[postfeature title=’Charlotte de Witte’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/10/d1-2-300×200.jpg’]


“I feel honoured to see my track on the new compilation. Adam and I have been in touch for a while now about releasing my music on the label, so I sent some tracks over to him and got lucky when he showed interest in ‘Remember’. The track was made using my beloved Roland TB 303, which is by far my favourite studio item. I love working with it and I’m a huge fan of the acid sound it produces. The lyrics of the vocal line come from Keith Brumberg, a friend and family member who writes poems and also contributed to my ‘Closer’ EP last year.” 

Photo Credit By: Marie Wynants[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’B.Traits’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/10/d2-300×200.jpg’]

‘I Feel The Music’

“With ‘I Feel The Music’, the idea and flow for the vocal had come to me in a dream, and the following day I went into the studio and recorded the rough sketch. I had then started testing it; playing it at a few gigs, going back and forth into the studio to change it, finish it, and finally mix it. It took some time to get that track to where I wanted it to be. I sent the track to Adam in January; he has always been a big supporter of my productions so he is someone I send a lot of my new music to. He always listens to it and gives feedback. It’s an honour to be a part of this year’s A-Sides compilation for his iconic Drumcode imprint, there are so many incredibly talented artists included in the comp this year, and it’s a joy and a privilege to be included among them.”

Photo Credit By: Katja Ruge[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Weska’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/10/d3-300×200.jpg’]

‘Other Places’

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stoked about being on A Sides Vol. 7. Every year around September I look forward to 20-something new Drumcode tracks, and it’s quite humbling to see ‘Other Places’ as one of them this year. I’ve been looking up to Adam and the Drumcode crew ever since I started making music, so it feels pretty surreal to be on the label! Not to mention alongside industry and Drumcode heavyweights.”[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Juliet Fox’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/10/d4-300×300.jpg’]

‘Wanted Me’

“It’s a huge honour for me, and so grateful to be taken on board and part of Drumcode. I have always been inspired by that Drumcode sound and resonated to it and the brand. So I wanted to create something that also featured my own unique style, including a catchy rolling baseline with my own vocal hook. I met Adam for the first time at Sonar last year not long after my vocal feature with Ramiro Lopez ‘Come Closer’ came out on Drumcode. Which for me was something quite special and important to be able to chat to him, the label boss and person behind it all. Since then Adam has always been very supportive of any tracks I send him, and it’s been nice to develop a bit more of a closer relationship with him and Ida over this summer, as I have also been based in Ibiza. I still get that excited feeling inside thinking about the first time I heard Adam play my track ‘Wanted Me’ in the Gashouder at ADE last year! A massive achievement for me!”

Photo Credit By: Giovanni Dominice (Berlin)[/postfeature]


1. ANNA – Portable Paradise
2. Thomas Schumacher – The Unseen
3. B.Traits – I Feel The Music
4. Wehbba – Just
5. Dense & Pika – Lemur
6. Bart Skils – West of the Moon
7. Charlotte de Witte – Remember
8. Jay Lumen – Stella Luce
9. Secret Cinema & Reinier Zonneveld – Pain Thing
10. Alan Fitzpatrick x SCB – Untitled
11. Luca Agnelli – Shipment
12. Pig&Dan – Pushing On
13. Weska – Other Places
14. Jel Ford – Night Shade
15. Boxia – Final Call
16. Man With No Shadow – Manila
17. Reset Robot – Self Existence
18. Ramiro Lopez – Delta
19. Smith & Selway – Burning Chrome
20. Juliet Fox – Wanted Me
21. Locomotica & Blaukoma – Unfold
22. Victor Ruiz – Pulso

You can listen to Drumcode’s A-Sides Volume 7 compilation in full here and purchase it here.


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