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Experience Pacha Ibiza from the comfort of your own home.

One of the world’s most iconic clubs is getting ready to launch an industry first – a virtual clubbing platform which will allow people around the world to see the magic of Pacha from the comfort of their own homes.

This is part of the bigger plan from Pacha to embrace technology and digital media to keep it at the forefront of clubbing culture.

The new platform will allow clubbers to stream live videos from inside the club, around the world, for free. It aims to introduce newly committed House music fans to dance culture in the hopes of convincing them to experience a club night in person.

But if clubbing at home isn’t for you, Pacha is planning to host events similar to Red Bull and London Eye event last month and planning to run a string of events throughout 2014 where clubbers are encouraged to visit its venues simultaneously.

Ricardo Porteus, online director at Pacha, says the franchise has benefited from the “electronic dance music explosion” over the last five years and wants to be seen as a lifestyle brand rather than a nightclub. It is using digital to accelerate the shift and counter the eventual saturation that the dance music scene will suffer, he adds.

Porteus adds: “What Pacha and the majority of the industry is seeing now is the focus on electronic dance music is on the up: dozens of new festivals are opening up in practically every major city in Europe, Asia and the Americas and the ripple effect this is causing is sending and catching peoples attention on-mass. Therefore the impact and desire to go ‘clubbing’ is back bigger and better than before.

“The surrounding industries like merchandising are also booming – you only have to look at the Beats by Dre Headphones to see that. Of course saturation is a concern, we see festivals launch and close in their first year, some stay, some go, that is the nature of the business.”

With the full Pacha 2014 weekly schedule due to be released in the next few weeks – it’s an exciting time for the club and the Ibiza music scene.


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