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Ibiza Club Virgin Guide – the solution to your club confusion

So… you’ve booked your first ever clubbing holiday to the major leagues? You think you’re ready to conquer the party capital of the globe? However, with so many fantastic clubs in Ibiza available at your expense, you simply can’t decide where to go? Don’t worry, by following our Ibiza Club Virgin Guide, you have come to the right place.

Life in Ibiza is considered the very pinnacle when it comes to experiencing clubbing. From dancing amongst thousands of others on the world’s biggest dance floors to watching your favourite artists on the planet, the White Isle has it all. And with nowhere else in the world comparing to Ibiza in terms of nightlife, it comes as no surprise that the island is stacked full of the biggest super-clubs. So much so in fact, you are spoilt for choice.

It’s a well known fact; you will never be able to tick every box Ibiza has to offer in a season, let alone a one week holiday. With various partying destinations including San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa playing hosts to a huge range of the world’s best clubs, open-air clubs, beach clubs and boat parties, we will detail each and every single venue for you to give you a better idea on how you should lose your Ibiza virginity!

San Antonio


Benimussa Park Ibiza

Home to the true party animals of Ibiza, Benimussa Park truly is one of a kind. Whilst myths of the identity of the venue being a zoo sound very intriguing and appealing, we can in fact confirm these abandoned premises are utilised for something much more entertaining – parties. Most famous for hosting The Zoo Project, Benimussa Park sees thousands of revellers paint up as their favourite animal on a weekly basis throughout the summer before they flaunt their animalistic antics around the famous Seal Pit!


Es Paradis Ibiza

Labelled by the locals as ‘the most beautiful club in the world’, this San Antonio gem mesmerises anyone that walks through its sparkling doors. Opening all the way back in 1975, Es Paradis Ibiza is not only one of the most aesthetically pleasing clubs on the island, it is also one of the oldest. From its pristine white pillows and sexy dancers to its crazy Fiesta Del Agua water parties and GLOW Neon Paint Parties, Es Paradis Ibiza caters to everyone’s party needs.


Eden Ibiza

Situated opposite Es Paradis Ibiza is the legendary Eden Ibiza. Having experienced what has been a shaky few years after being leased to Gatecrasher back in 2014, we can confirm those who ran it in 2013 are back for 2016. Famous for such nights as Toolroom Knights and Judgement Fridays, this venue has a 100k Gold Incubus Void Sound System set to pump out tunes at an unrivalled volume, 3D LED screen and a Megatron Nitrogren system! What more could you want on a night out in San Antonio?


Ibiza Boat Parties

When it comes to boat parties in Ibiza, none come bigger than Pukka Up. With three hours of great house music over the Balearic waters of the White Isle, Pukka Up is considered the original and number one sunset boat party. With the finest house music, CO2 cannons, amazing DJs and the incomparable view of the Balearic sunset, Pukka Up host the most popular boat parties not only in Ibiza, but in the world too.


Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks by name and Ibiza Rocks by nature, this open-air beauty celebrated a decade of parties on the White Isle last summer and will continue to raise the bar for 2016. Originally starting life holding festivals with live music throughout 2005, it soon turned into Ibiza Rocks Hotel allowing tourists to enjoy music from their balconies as they prepared for their nights out. Hosting events every Wednesday and Friday, Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party now joins the fray every Sunday!


Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel – home to the rich, famous and those who have saved every month’s wage packet since last summer. This venue is one of the most prestigious on the White Isle and has developed a very rich history over the years. Ibiza Rocks took over proceedings back in 2011 hosting arguably the most exclusive parties on the entire island, even Freddie Mercury celebrated his 41st birthday here! With 26 rooms and a deluxe restaurant, the temptation is simply too good to resist when it comes to this venue.


Kanya Beach Ibiza

Located on the Sunset Strip, there is no better place to watch the sun go down than Kanya Beach Ibiza. Whether you are chilling out with friends by the pool or taking vodka shots at the bar, Kanya Beach Ibiza provides a wonderful vibe to catch some rays in the day-time as well as enjoy the Balearic beauties of Ibiza by night. Such wonders are accompanied by live music and DJs getting you in the mood for your Ibiza holiday.


Ocean Beach Ibiza

Prestigious, luxurious and glamorous in every sense of the word, Ocean Beach Ibiza is home of the celebrities and is famed for throwing the very best pool parties in the whole of San Antonio. With a 600m2 pool, sunbeds, cabanas and the ultimate Balearic beats, Ocean Beach Ibiza is a venue that simply screams VIP in every sense of the word.


Underground Ibiza

If it’s underground vibes you want, then at Underground Ibiza, underground vibes is exactly what you will get. Situated just before Amnesia Ibiza en route to Playa D’En Bossa, Underground Ibiza is very unique, special and once inside, feels an absolute privilege to be a part of. Starting life of as a villa, there haven’t been many changes to this venue since its introduction to the island. Underground Ibiza has a large outside terrace providing a chilled-out vibe with a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and is almost exclusive to workers and locals on the island.


Playa D’En Bossa


Blue Marlin Ibiza

Considered to be one of Ibiza’s finest diamond jewels, Blue Marlin Ibiza is renowned for its exotic surrounding and impeccable VIP reputation. This natural beauty can be found hidden away in Cala Jondal Bay towards the south west of Ibiza. Those thirsty for a taste of the action travel via yacht or water taxi to reach this venue just to experience a taste of the very best in beach service, entertainment, relaxation and Mediterranean cuisine. Blue Marlin is truly one of a kind.


Bora Bora Ibiza

Sundays in Ibiza mean one thing – Bora Bora Ibiza. Yes, it gets busy on Bora Bora Ibiza every day but on Sundays, this place is rammed to the rafters as the term beach party is taken to a whole new level. This isn’t difficult to find at all, just follow the music. From there you can then soak up the sun or dance the afternoon away, either way, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time.


DC10 Ibiza

Beginning life as an aircraft hanger but now considered underground clubbing royalty, DC10 Ibiza is one experience you will want to keep tasting over and over again. Whilst the venue is slightly smaller than many of the other super clubs, its reputation is equally as big. Supplying a garden like no other, a sublime terrace that was open-air prior to 2007 and a dark, intimate main room, DC10 Ibiza is all about the music. Fine examples of this can be seen during Circoloco and Paradise – its weekly doses of underground medicine.


Delano Ibiza

Located in Playa D’En Bossa, Delano Beach Club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a drink during a pre-party. Home to some of the biggest club night pre-parties the island has to offer, Delano Ibiza is just open all day, it’s open all night right through until 6am too. Whether you’re indulging yourself in cocktails or enjoying a fine Mediterranean dish, Delano Ibiza is definitely worth checking out.


Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza comprises of luxury, opulence and affluence. Ultimately, it’s paradise in Playa D’En Bossa and when you enter the venue, you simply can’t complain with what’s on offer. Having made an immediate impact, this venue provides a scintillating Hard Rock energy meeting that chilled Ibiza style. With two pools, four restaurants, a beach club, rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia and the fact that the venue is open-air too, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is simply in a league of its own.


Sands Ibiza

Situated in Playa D’En Bossa, Sands Ibiza is the perfect spot to relax, party and socialise when spending time in Ibiza. This is a fantastic bar playing host to Carl Cox’s birthday celebrations every year as well as witnessing a couple of famous faces take to the decks. Sands Ibiza also boasts a restaurant providing Spanish and Ibizan food that is simply out of this world – definitely worth a taste.


Sankeys Ibiza

Located deep in the heart of Playa D’En Bossa, Sankeys Ibiza is considered the pinnacle of venue of the underground scene and marches to the beat of its own drum. Sankeys Ibiza offers three very intimate rooms in the Basement, the Lab and the Spektrum.  Providing raw electricity and unbelievable energy nights such as VIVa Warriors and Tribal Sessions, Sankeys Ibiza owner David Vincent ensured that his younger target audience’s needs were catered for.


Santos Ibiza

Formerly recognised as the Beach Palace venue, Santos Ibiza has a prime beach front location in Playa D’En Bossa close to all of the action. Providing some serious day-time parties and luxurious accommodation, Santos Ibiza caters to everyone exploring Playa D’En Bossa on the White Isle.


Space Ibiza

In terms of clubbing, the grandest stage of them all is occupied by arguably the best club in the world, Space Ibiza. Launching itself into superstardom back in 1989, Space Ibiza has created countless memories over the past quarter of a century. Now entering its final year on the island, the Main Room, Terrace, Carl Cox and every other integral part and member of the Space Ibiza community is set to make 2016 a year that will go down in the history books forever.


Tiare Ibiza

Tiare Ibiza is one of the liveliest and most exciting beach clubs Playa D’En Bossa has to offer. With parties commencing in the early afternoon and carrying on throughout the night, this one certainly isn’t for the feint-hearted. Attached to the phenomenal Ibiza Jet complex, this small bar occupies a big sound-system playing the best tunes by some fantastic resident DJs.


Ushuaïa Ibiza 

Glamour, prestige and luxury, these three words summarise the home of the red hummingbird to perfection. Ushuaïa Ibiza is arguably the most famous and in-demand open-air venue Ibiza has to offer. Possessing the ultimate Pioneer Suite and a music venue providing a feel equivalent to some of the finest UK festivals, Ushuaïa Ibiza is all about electrifying production and big name acts on a weekly basis. Whilst it may be expensive, it is damn sure worth every single Euro.


Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza 

Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza is another prestige part of the Ushuaïa Ibiza expansion. Opening up two years after Ushuaïa Ibiza did, the Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza stands eight floors high and overlooks the beauties of Playa D’En Bossa. Providing a much more relaxed atmosphere than the hedonism of its larger open-air neighbour, the Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza has gorgeous decor and of course, an irresistible mix of music ranging from underground to EDM.


San Rafael


Amnesia Ibiza

In search of the ultimate dance floor adrenaline rush? Look no further than Amnesia Ibiza. Located in between San Antonio and Ibiza Town, this Ibiza original opened up back in 1976 and its international fan base has grown ever since. Whether it’s chilling ice-cannons that tickle your fancy in the Main Room or the incomparable feeling on the sunlight beaming down through the Terrace as the sun rises in Ibiza, Amnesia Ibiza is considered the perfect destination of escapism.


Privilege Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza, situated just over the road from Amnesia Ibiza, lays claim to being the biggest club in the entire world. Whilst the main room alone could fit other Ibiza clubs inside of it, Privilege Ibiza is different to any other club on the island. Due to its sheer size, not all of Privilege Ibiza opens for every night of the week, only it’s major nights including SuperMartXe.


San Jose


Cova Santa Ibiza

First discovered in the 15th century and originally utilised by pirates, this cave in the mountains of San Jose, known as Cova Santa Ibiza, is set in a beautiful surrounding high up in the mountains and includes an indoors club and outdoor terrace. Bought by Amnesia Ibiza in 2001, Cova Santa Ibiza is now the official after-party for Marco Carola’s Music On.


Ibiza Town


Dalt Vila Ibiza

Scaling back an incredible 2,500 years, Dalt Vila Ibiza plays host to the perfect balance of scenery, history and mystery. Situated right next to where the locals lead their day-to-day lives, Dalt Vila possesses a very Roman-like feel to it with explorers entering the cobbled streets up a gradual steep past a drawbridge leading to a courtyard full of history. Providing the perfect mix of music and culture, Dalt Vila Ibiza is the perfect destination in Ibiza Town.


Destino Ibiza

One of the more unique and most respected new resorts on the White Isle, Destino Ibiza is the latest venture from the Pacha group. Offering 163 rooms and a variety of luxury suites, Destino Ibiza certainly caters to those looking for the VIP lifestyle. Perched up in the cliffs of Cap Martinet, Destino Ibiza offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean, Formentera and Dalt Vila. Destino Ibiza also hosts some very unique, high quality parties making use of its incredible open-air stage and also possesses a huge swimming pool surrounded by palm trees.


Ibiza Super Yacht Parties

By far the most luxurious boat parties in Ibiza come to you courtesy of Pukka Up. These Ibiza Super Yacht Parties are the biggest of their kind to roam the Balearic waters and provide boat party fans with the most incredible experience on the Balearic Sea to date. Providing wonderful views of Dalt Vila, Formentera and Es Vedra, the Ibiza Super Yacht Parties are accompanied with a champagne bar and fruit platter too. So party like a king and simply think Pukka Up!


Pacha Ibiza

With over 40 years of clubbing history, Pacha Ibiza is one of the most glamorous venues on the entire island. Having opened in 1973, Pacha Ibiza is also the oldest club Ibiza has to offer. Boasting five rooms and the largest VIP section on offer out of all the super-clubs, Pacha Ibiza is also one of the most expensive venues in Ibiza too. Make sure you dress to impress. Then you will be able to enjoy such Pacha Ibiza luxuries as F*** Me I’m Famous, Flower Power and Solomun +1.


Santa Eulalia


Nikki Beach Ibiza

Situated on the East coast of Ibiza, Nikki Beach Ibiza overlooks a crystal clear blue Mediterranean Sea with some of the very best scenery the White Isle has to offer. Comprising of a beach club, octagon bar, pool, restaurant and lifestyle boutique, Nikki Beach Ibiza enters its fourth summer in Ibiza and throws some of the best themed parties the island has to offer.



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