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Ibiza Transfers Virgin Guide 2016 – the smarter way to travel!

Ibiza consists of three main party destinations: San Antonio, Playa D’En Bossa and Ibiza Town. With so many options spread out over the White Isle and only a limited amount of time to enjoy them all, you will want to get from A to B as quickly, safely and cheaply as possible. With our Ibiza Transfers Virgin Guide 2016, you can ensure all the aforementioned boxes are ticked and much more.

Whilst it may be small in comparison to other European countries, when you touch down in Ibiza, everything becomes larger than life, especially if you are an Ibiza Virgin. From the super-clubs and the DJs to the beaches and the ever famous Balearic sunset, there is so much to experience on the White Isle.

Like any country in the world, you must travel its entirety to experience everything it has to offer and Ibiza is no different. With the world’s largest super-clubs situated in Playa D’En Bossa and Es Vedra Rock situated near Cala D’Hort Beach, you need to explore all parts of the island to taste the best of both worlds.

In order to do this, you are going to need some form of transport. Unless you wish to spend half of your holiday walking to your desired destination, we strongly suggest you follow some of our transport guidelines. With savings, convenience and exhilaration needs all catered for; here is our Ibiza Transfers Virgin Guide 2016.

Disco Bus

The disco bus can be caught from both San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa. Both run right through Ibiza Town to the opposite destination. Costing three Euros and creating a shed load of memories along the way, you can catch one from San Antonio to any of the super-clubs. There are a couple of rules you must be aware of though. Firstly, not everyone is en route to a party so being considerate towards them pays dividends and secondly, you can’t bring glass bottles on the bus so make sure you pour your beverage into a plastic bottle before departure to help whisk away your time on the disco bus.

With the majority of super-clubs based in Bossa, two that you could catch you totally unawares whilst in mid-conversation when bragging about how much vodka you eyeballed last night are both Amnesia and Privilege. Both situated on the highway, Amnesia will be on your right-hand side situated next to the bridge with numerous flags flying from on top of the venue. If you are still confused, just look out for the massive billboard with that particular night’s line-up advertised, this will also get your adrenaline pumping for future visits. As for Privilege, keep your eyes peeled for a supersized golf ball on the left. The gates to Privilege are right next to the island, you can’t miss them. With Pacha, the stop in Ibiza Town is roughly a ten minute walk to the club and in Bossa, most people jump off at Space and Ushuaïa and walk from there.

Make sure you arrive early to avoid queues and the disappointment of no seat or even worse, another half-an-hour wait for the next bus (we have experienced the excruciating pain on many occasions so take our word for it). Disco buses conclude on 30th September so for any closing parties after this date, the transport below may come in handy.


Regular buses

When the disco bus isn’t in operation, regular buses are during the day-time. If you’re strapped for cash for a taxi or without a license for your own scooter to rent, this is your best alternative form of transport. Whether you’ll be sat at the front eager and excited to explore Ibiza Town or sat at the back with one nasty hangover coming home from a night out, regular buses are convenient for everyone.

Running from 7am until 10pm, regular bus journey cost just two Euros for your standard 30 minute journey. You can catch these either from the main San Antonio bus station or several bus stops dotted around Ibiza Town and Playa D’En Bossa. Thankfully for those of us looking to top up our tans on Bora Bora beach, there is now a direct bus route running in between San Antonio and Playa D’En Bossa. Starting from 4:15pm in San Antonio and 5pm in Bossa, these buses run every 45 minutes – very convenient indeed.

Further rules apply for the regular buses though and bikinis and no shirts will not be tolerated so make sure you pack a t-shirt to save that long, exhausting jog back to the hotel for a top only to return and miss the bus – this can be very inconvenient.



Taxis are by far the quickest way to travel around Ibiza. Getting you from A to B (San Antonio to Bossa) in a matter of 20 minutes, these can be flagged down anywhere at any time of the day as long as they have a green light flashing on top of their car – this shows that they are available to be booked. As for those with a red flashing light, they are in use. If you don’t mind queuing, taxi ranks can be found at the bottom of the West End in San Antonio and on the main road in Bossa too.

All of Ibiza’s taxis operate on a meter basis and can be quite expensive. A journey from San Antonio to Ibiza Town would cost you somewhere in the region of 25 Euros whilst to Bossa, it would cost you around 35 Euros.


VIP Transfers

Having experienced a long flight through the early hours and being forced to drag your luggage everywhere with you, the last thing you will want to do is queue up for a taxi that will make you pay over the odds for an average journey. Wouldn’t you much prefer a VIP transfer driver waiting to take you away into paradise in a luxury Mercedes?

Yes, we’ve paired up with a luxury Ibiza transfer company to provide you with VIP airport transfers and transfers to all of the super-clubs Ibiza has to offer. This will see you avoid the cramped Disco Bus, dodge the taxi rip-offs and travel like a VIP in style, the only way you should be travelling in the party capital.

With access to top-of-the-range Mercedes Benz cars and minibuses with all drivers and vehicles officially licensed and insured, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. Our Mercedes Benz S Class can take three people with a suitcase each or four people with hand luggage each. If you are a part of a bigger group, our V Class and Vito Class are very good in terms of value for money.

All transfers can be booked online today for a deposit of 25 Euros. The rest is payable to the driver when you get collected from your pick up point.


Scooter or Quad hire

Are you looking for something a little more exhilarating around the White Isle than the disco bus or your average taxi? We suggest you hit up your nearest rental store and rent out a scooter or a quad. These are perfect for exploring the island with, provide you with your own independence and give you an electrifying experience all at the same time.

They usually cost around 200 Euros with a hefty deposit. You will receive your deposit back if the equipment returns in the same condition it was presented to you in. Fuel on the island costs next to nothing also and lasts for a good few hours depending on how much you have loaded up your tank.


Water Taxis

If you find yourself staying in San Antonio Bay or wanting to visit the Bay to see what it has to offer, the best way to reach it is via a water taxi. Gliding over the Balearic waters once every 30 minutes, the water taxi costs just two Euros and saves you money and energy in terms of catching a cab or walking around the island to explore what you wish to see. It also provides you wish magnificent views of the coast of the White Isle which can only be described as mesmerising. This isn’t advised for those who get sea sick either!



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