Treat yourself with one of our Ibiza VIP Tables this year.

MYIbiza are able to offer the finest Ibiza VIP tables at the best prices. Because we work closely with the clubs and have built up a great reputation – we are able to secure the best Ibiza VIP tables and ensure our clients get the best service possible.

An Ibiza VIP table at some of the world-famous clubs is better value than you may think! Tables are usually booked with a minimum drink spend – with prices starting at just 150€ per person. You can use your drink credit to purchase bottles of spirits with mixers included, or if you’re celebrating – champagne.

When you consider entrance to a club is 40€ – 50€ and drinks being up to 20€ for a standard spirit and mixer – it’s easy to see why many people choose to go VIP. You will also get access to the VIP facilities and the ability to recuperate at your table after using up all your energy on the dance floor.

We only charge a small booking fee to secure your table – from 10% – 15% with no hidden fees! We book hundreds of tables every summer and pride ourself on making sure our clients have the best holiday possible!

We can also offer more premium Ibiza VIP tables with the utmost luxury or privacy.

Our VIP manager is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and give you more experience on the VIP treatment. She’s also happy to help when you’re in Ibiza – whether you need to arrange another VIP table, organise transport and much more!

Ibiza VIP Tables

Amnesia Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Amnesia. Want to party like a rock-star and taste the ultimate VIP partying experience? Then I suggest you look no further than Amnesia Ibiza VIP. Considered by far one of the best clubs on the entire White Isle, Amnesia not only allows revellers to get lost in the carnage on the main dance floor and admire the... Find out more & book
Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP Everyone has their own idea of what would make their perfect heaven. Whether it would be an angel flying through the clouds with wings opening up the golden gates to you, pretty woman assisting you arm-in-arm up their stairway to the promised land or the greedy folk, a simple burger and chips with an extra blob of ketchup. However for the... Find out more & book
Recognised as one of the oldest clubs on the entire White Isle, Es Paradis Ibiza VIP is considered "the most beautiful club" on the island. Popular amongst the locals and a guaranteed hit with the Ibiza virgins because of it's famed water and paint parties, this Spanish gem has continued to shine since August 1975 when it first opened it's glimmering doors. As... Find out more & book
Considered the cream of the crop when it comes to throwing the best live act performances and parties in the party capital, Ibiza Rocks VIP truly is a revolutionary platform for live acts and crowds alike. Now when we talk about the cream of the crop, Ibiza Rocks VIP couldn't be more on point with their live act selections over the years. These include such... Find out more & book
How to best enjoy the Ibiza sunset? With Mambo Ibiza VIP of course! The legendary Cafe Mambo is the coolest bar on the sunset strip. With nightly superstar guest DJs and some of the best food and drinks available. But the biggest draw is the beautiful Ibiza sunset. No matter how many times you've experience it - it will always still give you goosebumps. Why a... Find out more & book
Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP The perfect view of the ocean, the perfect place to catch a sun tan and the perfect place to unwind and relax on the most perfect island on the planet today, none other than Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP. At Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP, whilst it may require a little travelling to get to considering is it located on the East coast of Ibiza in Santa... Find out more & book
Ocean Beach Ibiza VIP, the best way to experience Ocean Beach Ibiza. If there was one exclusive club that could scream the word VIP from the rooftops as loud as God could let them then that would be none other than San Antonio's land of the rich, the famous and the one's who have been saving up for months on end, Ocean Beach Ibiza VIP. Not only does Ocean... Find out more & book
Pacha Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Pacha. The three exclusive letters of VIP are thrown around quite a lot these days but when it comes to Pacha Ibiza VIP, this couldn't be further from the truth. This glamorous super-club is home to the rich and famous and exemplifies everything the letters VIP stand for. From movie-stars and huge fashion names to... Find out more & book
Privilege Ibiza VIP - just saying the name is a privilege, let alone walking into the venue. Contributing to a huge portion of the nightlife that Ibiza is famed for, Privilege Ibiza VIP is recognised as the world's biggest super-club located in the world's party capital thus making it such a privilege to be part of when you party upon it's legendary... Find out more & book
Make your night at Sankeys Ibiza VIP extra special, with a luxurious VIP table Avoid masses of people, and receive the best VIP treatment and service. Enjoy of the most fantastic views. Booking a VIP table means receiving the service you deserve. Avoid being surrounded by masses of people, and enjoy the party from the top. Because our great relationship with... Find out more & book
Space Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Space Ibiza What experience could possibly top having the time of your life in the world's most famous club, in the world's ultimate party capital? How about making that experience one you will never forget and go the extra mile by partying like a star in Space Ibiza VIP? No matter what walk of life you are from,... Find out more & book
Ushuaïa Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Ushuaïa When you think of Ushuaïa Ibiza VIP, several words spring to mind. Luxurious, splendid, glamorous, ostentatious and ultimately heaven when it comes to super-clubs available in Ibiza. Equipped with a huge concert stage, beautiful hotel accommodation and the scintillating view of planes soaring over... Find out more & book
Unique, different and completely unlike any other party or club Ibiza has to offer, Zoo Project Ibiza VIP is literally one concept every reveller must experience at least once in their life just so they can say they've ticked it off their bucket list. In a night where your inner party animal is exaggerated to the absolute extreme, it's only fitting that such an... Find out more & book