Amnesia Ibiza VIP, Amnesia VIP tables - Ibiza 2016

Amnesia Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Amnesia.

Want to party like a rock-star and taste the ultimate VIP partying experience? Then I suggest you look no further than Amnesia Ibiza VIP. Considered by far one of the best clubs on the entire White Isle, Amnesia not only allows revellers to get lost in the carnage on the main dance floor and admire the sunrise on the Terrace, but they also get to enjoy the perks of VIP as they get to overlook the beautiful chaos ensuing from the stage to the dance floor in luxury.

Definitely a big name club with a big brand feel to it, booking the world’s biggest acts to headline various nights throughout the weeks, Amnesia Ibiza VIP goes all-out to please clubbers wanting to experience the benefits of VIP.

Why a VIP table?

Taking you away from the mayhem occurring on the dance floor, Amnesia Ibiza VIP allows you to enjoy wonderful views of both rooms from an elevated level where you can kick back, relax and take in some of the finest cocktails in the whole of Ibiza without having to neck your drink before someone barges into you. Another luxury of the VIP area is you can manoeuvre around without breathing in and squeezing past every other raver completely lost in the music.

So why not take this exclusive opportunity? Tables are selling fast and let’s face it, it’s not everyday you get to party like a rock-star.