Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP - Blue Marlin VIP Beds & Tables

Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP

Everyone has their own idea of what would make their perfect heaven. Whether it would be an angel flying through the clouds with wings opening up the golden gates to you, pretty woman assisting you arm-in-arm up their stairway to the promised land or the greedy folk, a simple burger and chips with an extra blob of ketchup. However for the average Ibiza tourist, heaven is Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP.

Possessing a celebrity and VIP-like feel to it from the get go, Blue Marlin literally has everything you could possibly ask for. Leading the way in luxury and glamour, this original Ibiza VIP beach club crown jewel continues to innovate and explore with the finer qualities in life to simply add to the VIP experience for tourists who visit Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP.

Not just focusing on one particular type of target audience, Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP can cater the needs for various people looking to embark upon the perfect Ibiza experience. Ranging from those who are looking for a relaxed, chilled-out vibe to those wanting to go all out and celebrate a special occasion, Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP has it all.

Why a VIP table?

So I guess you’re wondering how can you possibly make this VIP venue even more glamorous than it already is? Well carry on reading and you may just find what you’re looking for.

Looking for your own privacy? Blue Marlin Ibiza VIP can cater to you to by offering you your very own giant four poster bed away from the dance floor and party scene allowing you to really take in the beauty and pleasures this wonderful venue has to offer. Alternatively, if you wanted to get closer to the action, you could always book a booth right behind the DJ. Therefore, you won’t miss a second of the entertainment.

The VIP table option also offers you the perks of sharing some of the club’s finest bottles between two as opposed to spending loads and waiting in long queues at the bar. Why drink and munch at the bar when you can wine and dine in luxury?