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Recognised as one of the oldest clubs on the entire White Isle, Es Paradis Ibiza VIP is considered “the most beautiful club” on the island.

Popular amongst the locals and a guaranteed hit with the Ibiza virgins because of it’s famed water and paint parties, this Spanish gem has continued to shine since August 1975 when it first opened it’s glimmering doors.

As one of San Antonio’s few super-clubs, Es Paradis Ibiza VIP hints at a preview of Spanish heaven and as the name of the club implies, it truly provides revellers with a sense of paradise as soon as they step through the doors into this Balearic Island beauty.

Already possessing a VIP-like feel to the premises as it is, Es Paradis Ibiza VIP continues to provide such an image even through it’s wildest and most crazy nights during the summer season as it throws weekly water and paint parties to cater to all types of partygoers.

Why a VIP table?

Looking to steer clear of any flying water or unexpected squirts of paint this summer? Then why not go all out in Ibiza’s most beautiful club with one of the most beautiful experiences available? The Es Paradis Ibiza VIP experience.

The strongly suggested way of partying is something you definitely won’t regret if you ever get chance to venture down to Es Paradis Ibiza VIP this summer as you get go witness this renaissance temple in all of it’s glory.

From watching the glamorous dancers to sipping the exotic cocktails, you get to enjoy every single perk the wonderful opportunity has to offer. No more queues, no more waiting at bars for hours on end just for a drink and most importantly, you more than likely get to leave with your clothes in the exact same condition they were in when you arrived at the venue.