Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP - VIP Tables & VIP Beds Ibiza 2016

Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP

The perfect view of the ocean, the perfect place to catch a sun tan and the perfect place to unwind and relax on the most perfect island on the planet today, none other than Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP.

At Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP, whilst it may require a little travelling to get to considering is it located on the East coast of Ibiza in Santa Eulalia, it definitely worth the heading over there as like many places in Ibiza, it could be considered a life-sized version of heaven.

If heaven came in the form of a cake, Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP would provide visitors with the perfect slices to that cake. Some of the island’s most exotic cocktails to indulge in, a great opportunity to take advantage of the constant sun, if you fancy a quick swim you can dive into the refreshing pool on site and just to add the icing to this proverbial cake, the view of the ocean is simply to die for.

Why a VIP table?

But what could possibly make this fairytale experience ever better? Why not go VIP?

VIP makes every experience that much better. You get treated like royalty (even though you already were considering it’s Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP) and life genuinely becomes even more enjoyable when provided with such treatment.

As you sit back and relax on the white sun loungers in paradise, you can even treat yourself to a sparkling bottle of champagne or a fantastically mouth-watering cocktail set to do wonders to the imagination.

Also during a themed party, whilst you may get dressed to the nines, but you get treated like a ten.

If you’re looking for paradise, come to Ibiza. If you’re looking for heaven, come to Nikki Beach Ibiza VIP.