Pacha Ibiza VIP, Pacha VIP tables - Ibiza 2016

Pacha Ibiza VIP. The best way to experience Pacha.

The three exclusive letters of VIP are thrown around quite a lot these days but when it comes to Pacha Ibiza VIP, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This glamorous super-club is home to the rich and famous and exemplifies everything the letters VIP stand for. From movie-stars and huge fashion names to sports stars and celebrity elite, you are always guaranteed to walk into to someone you’ve seen on TV before… That’s if your pockets are deep enough but all is worthwhile.

Why a VIP Table?

Outside the velvet rope separating the VIP area to the rest of the club, it’s like being in two different worlds and with the majority of Pacha providing a palace-like feel to it, you can only imagine what Pacha Ibiza VIP has to offer.

Before you go pre-judging how expensive a night in VIP could be and toll it could take on your bank balance, sit back and analyse the situation. An average night in Pacha could see you end up spending a few hundred euros in arguably the most expensive club in Ibiza and with several hours of partying to get through, why not take that €285 and invest it something memorable like Pacha Ibiza VIP?

It saves all the hassle of queuing, you get your own table, a much better view of the dance floor with a lower risk of someone knocking your drink over which you may have waited and paid over the odds for at the bar and you may even get to see a celebrity of two. This is the definition of paradise and your royal drinking throne awaits you in Pacha Ibiza VIP.