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Privilege Ibiza VIP – just saying the name is a privilege, let alone walking into the venue.

Contributing to a huge portion of the nightlife that Ibiza is famed for, Privilege Ibiza VIP is recognised as the world’s biggest super-club located in the world’s party capital thus making it such a privilege to be part of when you party upon it’s legendary premises.

Still possessing the original Ibiza flare it had back in the 1980’s, Privilege Ibiza VIP still throws some of most historic parties the island has to offer to this very day with SupermartXe being it’s biggest highlight of it’s average partying week during the summer months.

Just to put how big Privilege Ibiza VIP is into perspective, the main room is the size of an aircraft hangar with a 25m roof and a swimming pool just for good measure!

Why a VIP table?

Defined by luxury, glamour and prestige, the only way a club could feel more captivating and fascinating would be to go all out with the Privilege Ibiza VIP option providing you with arguably the most breathtaking VIP partying experience of your life to date.

Elevated above the main room dance floor and swimming pool surrounded by royalty, the rich and downright famous, the Privilege Ibiza VIP area is one like no other. With your own tables, your own egg-like seats to relax back in and even your own toilets, the term waiting in a queue becomes a thing of the past and being waited on hand on foot becomes a pleasant replacement.

An area renovated by interior designer Claire Coutille, Privilege Ibiza VIP offers revellers four different experiences – Gold, Silver, Black and White and a night that will forever remained etched in their memories which will emulate VIP in every sense of the three letters.