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Unique, different and completely unlike any other party or club Ibiza has to offer, Zoo Project Ibiza VIP is literally one concept every reveller must experience at least once in their life just so they can say they’ve ticked it off their bucket list.

In a night where your inner party animal is exaggerated to the absolute extreme, it’s only fitting that such an artistic event takes place outdoors at Ibiza’s “abandoned zoo”.

Using all the colours of the rainbow to paint themselves up to the nines as their favourite wild animal, Ibiza fanatics show up in anything scaling from a tiger or a lion to a zebra or a giraffe, literally anything goes in the zoo and if you consider yourself animal royalty, then Zoo Project Ibiza VIP is definitely for you.

Why a VIP table?

With Zoo Project Ibiza VIP expected to have more benefits than ever before this year, this will be one animalistic experience you will not want to miss out on.

When you go VIP at Zoo Project, you literally are treated like jungle royalty. You get to see the DJ’s, dancers and performances up close with the best seats in the house opposite the pool arena stage ensuring you won’t miss any of the action by trying to peer through the crowd or jump on someone’s shoulders just to get a glimpse of what is going on.

The Zoo Project Ibiza VIP experience doesn’t stop there either. With your own table on hand, you get to party young, wild and free amongst the wildlife of Ibiza’s craziest creatures, yourself and your friends and can even enjoy interactive performances from the incredible entertainers on show.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your party beast now as you can’t stay caged up forever.