What's the weather like? Ibiza 2011 | Holidays

The weather in Ibiza is one of the main draws for thousands of tourists that descend upon the island each year.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Ibiza than the beautiful weather. There’s the clubs, restaurants, scenery, people… but we digress. The real reason you’re here is to find out what the weather in Ibiza is like.

With blazing sun and high temperatures in the summer, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty good! As a general rule May – September are considered to be the summer in Ibiza. July and August are the hottest month where temperatures can easily reach over 30ºc. To the right is a 4-day weather forecast of Ibiza.

Showers are few and far between, and offer a bit of a change from the usual glorious sunshine. There’s usually a storm or two during the summer months – which will usually mean the inflatables usually saved for the beaches are used on the streets. A pretty funny sight!

Average monthly temperatures in Ibiza