Originating from the deep groove destination of Hamburg, Adana Twins are one of the most electrifying double-acts ever to emerge from the German media capital.

Comprised together of a paring individually known as Take It Easy and Friso, Adana Twins come from two very contrasting musical backgrounds resulting in an integration of deeper beat appreciation.

Strongly associated with Berlin underground juggernaut, Watergate, this dynamic duo has proven time and time again that their vigorous tenacity simply can’t be brought to a halt.

We recently caught up with Watergate Records regulars, Adana Twins, and discussed their previous individual careers in advertising and design, memories of Watergate and their latest remix for Whomadewho’s ‘I Don’t Know’ on Embassy Of Music.

Despite being called Adana Twins, you aren’t actually siblings. How did you first meet one another and what inspired you to form together as a duo?

About 12 years ago, we studied together here in Hamburg. We started our career in the music business by promoting parties in different venues. After a while, we became residents in bigger clubs and played with a lot of great DJ’s and live acts. This time still influences us a lot. Promoting parties and playing warm up sets was a good lesson.

In terms of musical backgrounds, both of your early influences and tastes are very contrasting. Take It Easy, you spent your youth head-nodding to laid-back Hip-Hop like Black Star and Dilated Peoples whilst Friso, you followed the genre of Techno since the tender age of 10-years-old. How have you combined together these influences to contribute to defining your current sound together?

So far, being associated with different genres has turned out quite positively and this probably also explains the big range of our own productions. It’s interesting that we usually come to the same conclusions musically. We kind of follow the same philosophy.

Prior to music becoming your full-time gig, Take It Easy worked for an advertising agency whilst Friso started up a design agency. How have such experiences and skills helped contribute to the success of Adana Twins today? How have they helped benefit the progression of yourselves as a double-act?

I think the image of a DJ has changed a lot in recent years. There are pros and cons. And surely also the environment has become more professional. This of course includes design and promotion. The development of social media is so fast that you can barely follow.

In our case, we can certainly say that our previous professions have been quite helpful.

We are more than happy that we have the honour to work with great designers and are now able to concentrate only on the production and DJ’ing side of things.

You both originate from Hamburg in Germany. In terms of nightlife, what does your hometown have to offer to the electronic music community? How has Hamburg helped influenced your own sound?

Besides all those inspirational acts from our hometown, there were and still are great clubs and bars that focus on old and new trends. Around 10 years ago, we started DJ’ing in this little bar in St. Pauli. Every Saturday we played 8-10 hours for about 100 people. It was an amazing lesson to party with the people from the beginning of the night until the early morning hours.

Speaking of wonderful cities, Amsterdam played host once again to the world’s biggest clubbing festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, last month. What do you love the most about ADE and why?

ADE is always a great opportunity to meet friends from all around the world who you’re not able to see on a regular basis. The huge amount of parties makes it almost impossible to meet everyone though.

This year’s edition saw you take to the stage of WesterUnie for Pleinvrees ADE x Fritz Kalkbrenner. What was your biggest highlight of this particular showcase and why?

We did a remix for Fritz, that’s the reason why he invited us to one of his showcases. Our highlight was definitely to have the opportunity to play all the new songs that we produced in the last few months and to see how they work in a live situation. We can’t say too much yet, but we’re super excited to release some of them on a very cool label. You’re in for a surprise!

When it comes to world famous underground venues, you both have a strong association with Watergate in Berlin. Tell us about some of your earliest memories clubbing/playing here and why they resonate with you so much…

At the beginning of our career it was of course a real highlight to play in a club with such a history. One of the most intense memories is probably having played on the Waterfloor while the sun comes out over the Spree and shines into the club. This is so unique and creates a very special vibe. We have a great connection with the club. It has a lot to do with the whole team over there. I’m always happy to see the people who work there. Thank you, Watergate!

What is your favourite aspect about performing at Watergate and why?

It would be too easy to say that it’s always an amazing party. I think that many aspects come together at this club. The place, the light, the sound, the crowd, the staff… Our last gig there was at the end of the main floor from 3am to 7am. After that we went down to the Waterfloor and played there until the end. A great experience that shows once again what Watergate means to us and which facets it has.

Moving onto production, you recently created a remix for Whomadewho’s ‘I Don’t Know’ released on Embassy Of Music. What is your favourite aspect of the original and how does your remix differ?

We’re huge fans of the WMW boys and we felt very honoured to remix a track of theirs. We were offered to choose a track from the album and when we first listened to ‘I Don’t Know’ we were instantly convinced by Jeppe’s amazing voice. It was clear right away that we’d love to create our own interpretation of this song. It was important for us to not change the vocals too much. We wanted to give the song and the groove a new framework. I hope it worked out…

Finally, what else do you have lined up in your sleeve in terms of future dates and releases for the remainder of 2017?

Watergate celebrates its 15th birthday with a great compilation. We had the honour to be a part of it with our new track ‘Zuul’. On top of that we’re working on a few new remixes and our own tracks which will be released next year!