Considered to be one of the pillars of the underground House and Tech community today, Spanish sensation Dennis Cruz is one trend setter never short of serving up dance floor dynamite.

Finely furnished with booming beats and melodies with a deft touch of dub, the Madrid native has certainly made his presence felt turning the heads of such respected names as Jamie Jones, Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati.

Leaving his funky groove imprint on every stage he graces, the Spaniard always plots exciting musical journeys that make people feel real emotions as they dance the night away.

We recently caught up with DJ Awards 2017 Best Producer award victor, Dennis Cruz, and discussed BPM Festival Portugal, Solid Grooves at Benimussa Park and his reaction to winning Best Producer at this year’s DJ Awards ceremony.

First of all Dennis, you appeared at the first ever BPM Festival Portugal earlier this year. How did the European BPM crowd fare with the North American BPM crowd?

Well, BPM Portugal was amazing and didn’t disappoint. I think doesn’t matter if you are in the American or in the European BPM. It is an international festival and the crowd is fantastic and always with really good vibes.

What room for growth and opportunity do you think there is for BPM and electronic music now this major festival has switched up its scenery?

BPM is one of my favourite festivals, there you can meet other colleagues from the industry, make business and of course, have fun. Now in Europe, for European DJ’s, this makes the things even easier.

Focusing more on Ibiza, you have enjoyed a spectacular season with Solid Grooves and Groovers in the Park. What has been your season highlight and why?

Maybe the best moment for me was to play a closing set for the second party there. Groovers know how to party.

What was your favourite aspect of playing Benimussa Park? Do you prefer the monthly showcases here in comparison to last year’s weekly residency at Privilege?

I love to play at daytime open-air parties. I would love to play as much I can in Ibiza, I love this magical island and it is so weekly residency worth.

What do you think is the next logical step for Solid Grooves in Ibiza next year?

I think the best option is to come back to a weekly residency in a night club with some good after-parties!

You won Best Producer Award at DJ Awards in September. What immediate emotions flowed through your body when you discovered this news…

I couldn’t believe that. It was a good surprise for me and great motivation for keep working hard.

At what point in your career did you feel like the tides were shifting and all your hard work had started to pay off?

I got that feeling beginning of this year, but I think I have to work even harder.

What do you think has been the most difficult part about gaining recognition for all of your hard work and dedication?

At the beginning, the most difficult thing was spending all those hours alone in the studio without many gigs…

Finally, who has been your breakthrough artist of 2017 and why?

Well, I think the winners of Breakthrough category 2017 at the DJ Awards, Solardo, really deserve it. They made an extraordinary year with good productions and great gigs.