Globally recognised as a legend on the Drum and Bass scene alongside his trusty partner in crime DJ Hazard, Hackney-born DJ Hype is one of the most respected names within his musical genre.

First raised on a diet of Hip Hop and Reggae, DJ Hype soon became an absolute master at mixing and cutting and is now a self-proclaimed ambassador of Drum and Bass delivering to dance music enthusiasts his personal take on what truly defines today’s scene.

We recently caught up with D&B icon, DJ Hype, and discussed the recent passing of the legendary Marcus Intalex, his relationship and chemistry with DJ Hazard and his upcoming gig for Together at Amnesia Ibiza.

First things first, whilst scrolling down your Facebook page the other day, we discovered a throwback comparison to your childhood years where you compared yourself to the little boy from the classic book, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. Could you please elaborate on the similarities between yourself and this character and how this still relates to you today……

I have always been the little guy in a big world of monsters – I have always kind of moved in circles that other people might avoid as they don’t feel they fit in or they are scared of. If you take me at face value and don’t know me, I look like the little nobody guy that the monsters would probably hate and take advantage of, but overall, they always looked out for me; even today there are a few monsters floating about in my world and I still have a great friendship with many of them.

During your younger years, you grew up in Hackney in London. What kind of electronic music influences were you open to when growing up and what appealed to you the most about them?

I grew up on all music, I love all music and I am influenced by all music. In my early days, I ran a Reggae sound system and I remember one track in particular which stood out, and that was ‘Under Mi Sleng Teng’ by Wayne Smith. I was about 16-years-old and it was probably the first big Reggae tune with an electronic vibe to it – it was a game changer.

Speaking of influences, one of the most inspirational names on the Drum & Bass scene, Marcus Intalex, unfortunately passed away last month. Can you tell us more about your relationship with Marcus and how he inspired you both personally and professionally?

I have known him for many, many years… I think I first DJed with him in Burnley back in 1992 at a club called Angels and his music over the years has been outstanding. Over the last few years, I did not have much contact with him but his death was a massive shock to me and it’s a big loss to the Jungle Drum and Bass scene.

Focusing more on Ibiza now, what are you most looking forward to about returning to the island and why?

Sunshine, sea and great vibes.

Later this month, you will play for Together at Amnesia Ibiza alongside DJ Hazard. What are you most excited for about this performance and why?

I am looking forward playing at Amnesia as it’s a first for us and I am really looking forward to introducing our brand of Drum and Bass to the club. I’m very interested to see how the audience reacts as our sound has been shunned the last few years at these kind of events… so it should be great fun.

How did you first meet DJ Hazard? Describe your relationship with him and your chemistry behind the decks together…

I signed Hazard to my Playaz label many, many moons ago and we have been friends ever since. We just have a great working relationship, plus he is so talented and has stayed humble all these years even though he has achieved big success – that’s very rare in the music game and I think that’s what I like most about him… He has no pop star bullshit attitude.

Finally, if you got the choice to play back-to-back with one other Drum & Bass legend aside from DJ Hazard, who would you choose and why?

I don’t really like doing back-to-backs apart from with Hazard because I don’t think I gel that well with most other DJs. I usually prefer playing alone in my own fucked up way. I used to do back-to-backs with Andy C years ago and I did a back-to-back with DJ Marky once, but I must admit that even though they are fantastic DJs, I can’t say I actually enjoyed playing back-to-back with them in the same way it works with me and Hazard.

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