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Interview with Marco Faraone

Prolific and versatile, Italian DJ/Producer Marco Faraone is an exceptionally, multi-talented name that has caught the attention of some of the most respected artists from the underground realm.

Hailing from Florence, the popularity of the UNCAGE label owner has soared ever since his ‘Strange Neighbours’ track prompted a huge dance floor sit-down in DC10 Ibiza when played out by Matthias Tanzmann.

A respected resident at his native Tenax Club, Marco is considered an accomplished all-rounder with productions ranging from warm analogue House grooves to hypnotic, darker Techno sounds.

We recently caught up with UNCAGE label chief, Marco Faraone, and discussed nightlife and inspiration in Florence, Marco Carola and Music On and his new live modular EP for Ovum.

First of all Marco, you originate from Florence in Italy. Can you tell us a little more about the nightlife in Florence and how this contributes to its Techno music scene?

Nightlife in Florence is pretty shady; apart from Tenax, where I have my residency and has been a pioneer for clubbing in Italy since 1981. There are a few midweek parties downtown, in small smelly clubs with pretty crap sound systems, but are still fun to play. I used to play at Tabasco on Wednesdays in 2012 and 2013, it used to have an amazing vibe but now the club is closed. Next winter, we might be doing our Mister X party in a small downtown club on Thursdays in Florence with secret appearances from Tenax residence DJs.

How does the city of Florence inspire you creatively whilst locked in the studio/looking for inspiration?

Florence is the most beautiful city I’ve seen, and I’m very lucky to live there. Every time I walk around the city or drive through it really gives me a lot of inspiration. Pure beauty is always good for every human being, artist or not.

One of the biggest names from Italy is Music On maestro, Marco Carola. He has gone as far as suggesting you are the next Joseph Capriati. How does the support from such a big name impact upon your drive and determination?

Marco is a legend in terms of what he did in Techno in the past and the music he’s produced. When I started DJing, he was already on fire and playing all around the world. He’s a real guru, an icon for us, he can play for ages and make a party with a smooth cool vibe but still rocking it like no one else. I am honoured to be there and very lucky to learn from him.

Focusing more on Ibiza now Marco, you have been an integral part of the Music On residency team this summer. What have you enjoyed the most about your time as a Music On resident this year and why?

It is a family thing, everything is really “all about the music”. There is no silly line ups to sell tickets or other tricks, pure clubbing. It’s a real pleasure to work with the crew and Marco. I love it and the people too.

How do you feel becoming an official Music On resident has helped develop/progress your career further?

Of course, its huge media and public exposure, but I guess more than this, Music On is teaching me how to play for a big crowd, in a touristy place like Ibiza, but still with a happy and cool vibe. People are there to have fun, enjoy the party and forget about their problems for a while.

You have played in both the Terrace and the Main Room of Amnesia Ibiza for Music On – which room do you prefer to perform in and why?

Both rooms are great, the main is an amazing place to play but you know, playing in the terrace before the Maestro is another story.

Your next appearance for Music On arrives on Friday 18th August as you warm up for the iconic Green Velvet. What is your favourite aspect of his overall game behind the decks?

I’ve been following Green Velvet and Cajmere since when I started, he has amazing charisma. It’s always an honour to share the decks with such a big artist, and artists who created this scene. I love when he sings ‘La La Land’ into the headphones, what an epic tune… and his hair too!

Has he inspired you at all musically?

Of course, big artists like Green Velvet always have something to teach you. We played together in a party in Italy one year ago and what I really like about him is that even if he’s a big artist and very respected, he’s very humble and kind. I think that besides the music, this is one of the most important qualities that brings you to the next level.

Away from night clubs, you’ve recorded a completely live modular EP for Ovum – why did you decide to produce in this way?

When I sit in the studio I never know what is going to happen there. I always get inspired day by day from what happens around me.

I thought about producing a new EP in that way was something different and with another sound. I honestly was very happy about the result, all the tracks are recorded live completely and not edited… so all that you hear is me jamming on the mixer and the machines and recording all on a revox tape. I could maybe prepare a live set with all this stuff in the future…

How do you feel producing this way helps to add to your overall musical game and why?

When you produce different stuff and with different shades it means you have no limits. As many people do, I’ve been producing for many different labels and they’re all very different from each other. I always liked to produce different stuff and I don’t have to force myself to do it. It’s also reflected into my DJ sets, I love to play everything.

When I started DJ’ing 15 years ago, I was playing completely different from than what I do now, I used to play Hip Hop and Drum & Bass and I went through different styles of music in my journey. It’s natural for me.

You also head up your own label, UNCAGE. What were your original visions for this label and how has the sound and philosophy behind your imprint developed from release to release?

As the name says UNCAGE, means to be out of the cage. Music without restrictions and free expression. This was the message I had in mind when I decided on the name. I had an experience before with another label and I stopped it because I wasn’t feeling free to express myself and somehow always pushed down. When you make music, I think that nobody can tell you what you have to do and how to do it.

Some people will love what you do, some people don’t anyway. I always think that the only way to feel good, especially with yourself is to do what you feel and go where your passion takes you.

Finally, what production aces do you have lined up your sleeve over the next few months for UNCAGE?

The new EP from Corcos just came out two weeks ago, including Marcel Fengler and Regen remixes. We have a new EP from Branko Stojanov, an amazing new talent, including Skudge and Deepbass remixes. Soon we’ll have on board very respected artists like Delta Funktionen, Reformed Society, Shlømo, Artefakt and many big surprises soon. 🙂


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