An undeniable stalwart of the House and Techno scene, Mark Jenkyns is recognised in equal measures for his expert command of the dance floor, his heavyweight productions and his close affinity to the Paradise and Hot Creations family.

Finely furnished with limitless skills and talent, the Newcastle native holds the perfect understanding of the intricacies and nuances involved when reading and warming up a crowd – a niche he has carved in an unforgiving industry.

A firm believer that positivity helps drive success, it comes as no surprise as to why Mark has held down immense residencies with both Paradise and Abode this summer in Ibiza.

We recently caught up with North-East-born selector, Mark Jenykns, and discussed what he loves the most about his Paradise residency at DC10 Ibiza, how much ABODE has progressed this season compared to last year and his latest EP release on Hot Trax titled ‘Sirens’.

First of all Mark, when did your first visit Ibiza and what made you fall in love with the island so much?

I first visited Ibiza in 1999 with my friends on an 18-30s package holiday. We did this for two years, then I did my first full season in 2003. I fell in love with the freedom of the place, the fact that the clubs rolled into one another – one place closed and another opened for afters or a new party, you were free to come and go as you pleased.

This pretty much sparked your inner-DJ and saw you chase your dream for a career behind the decks. When did you first get your big break on the White Isle and how did it come about?

If I remember correctly, it was after a couple of Hot Waves releases and then my first Hot Creations release in 2012 – the track was called ‘Wind It Back’. I got invited to play the closing party then was made resident the following year.

You now have an on-going residency at DC10 Ibiza with Paradise on Wednesday nights. What do you love the most about Paradise and why do you think it is one of the more popular concepts in the party capital?

Well, the fact it’s at DC10 for me is massive as I personally believe it’s the best club in the world, and then its run by the man voted best DJ in the world – that’s just for starters!
The line-ups are always incredible, there’s nothing spared in production detail and the dancers are all amazing.

Elsewhere in Ibiza, you’ve made regular appearances for ABODE at Sankeys Ibiza. What has been your biggest ABODE highlight of the season and why?

That’s a tough one as they were all great, but I’d probably say my B2B with Cozzy D; we had never played together before, but both just thought “f*ck it, let’s go” – we closed the Basement and I have to say it was miiiint!

How do you think ABODE have progressed in 2017 since they first arrived on the island last year?

Firstly, let me just put on record that it’s been an absolute privilege to play for these guys – the work Kai and Joe put in is unreal and they deserve every success. The progress they have made this year from last is down to how they push themselves into bigger challenges, and how they work their residents who are all shit-hot up-and-coming kids who have a massive future – they open the party and close it which in my eyes is perfect.

Switching gears now Mark, you have recently released your ‘Sirens’ EP on Hot Trax. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind this concept and how you originally came up with the idea for it?

Yeah, was a bit of a mad one with that actually – I got in touch with Fay after hearing some of her work that she posted; I immediately heard the soul in her voice and loved it.
We did our first track ‘Reach For Me’ on Suara, then one day I was going through all the outtakes and the “oooooh la la la” was actually her warming her voice up; I played it back a few times and thought “hold on a minute”…
As for the production, it was just a matter of getting the right groove for it, I sample quite a lot of vinyl and it just came together nicely; I sent it to Jamie asking if he liked the general idea and he came back within 15 mins and signed it. It was originally intended for Hot Creations but the waiting time was a bit long so we went for Hot Trax instead to get it out while there was a buzz over the summer.

Talk us through the production process and what inspired you creatively whilst in the studio here…

The production process was just basically getting the vocal sample looping over a groove that I liked; it was pretty straight forward really as there’s no melody or chords, just beats and bassline – then it was just a matter of arranging it. I did actually fiddle with it for a couple months thinking it needed extra bits here and there, but J said I was overthinking it which is something I tend to do a lot!! I love working with Mizbee – her vocals really fit the vibe I’m going for in my productions, so much so, I have another forthcoming Hot Creations EP with her too – keep an eye out for that one in 2018.

Your ‘Sirens’ collaboration with Mizbee has been receiving a lot of support in particular this summer from such big names as Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82 and Ricardo Villalobos. What artist were you most blown away with when they played it and why? What was your initial reaction?

Well, all the above that you’ve mentioned! I’d probably have to say Ricardo though as I’d never thought in a million years he would play any of my tracks but three people told me in the same night that he played it on the Amnesia Terrace at Cocoon – what I wanted to know was who gave it him? 😉

Finally, now summer is coming to a close, what are your plans for the winter and heading in 2018?

It’s looking pretty busy actually – I am finalising my next Hot Creations EP for next year, I then have an EP on Resonance with Andre Salmon, an EP on VIVa Ltd with Dakar from Brazil, my own EP on VIVa Music, and some remixes for Criminal Hype, Anabel Englund, Eskuch and DNS. That’s all till Feb, there’s also plans to tour with Jamie as his official warm-up which would be class.

Here is Mark’s latest collaboration featuring Mizbee titled ‘Sirens’. You can listen here.