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Interview with Claptone

We recently caught up with masked magician behind The Masquerade, Claptone, and discussed what kind of an aura his mask adds to his sets, the launch of the Masquerade this Sunday and his recent release edits dedicated to his Golden Summer Tour.

First of all Claptone, your mask is a huge part of your persona as an artist and represents your very own unique identity. What kind of an aura and extra essence do you feel your mask adds to your sets that make them so different to any other artists’?

What the mask adds to my music is attention. Usually, you have DJs that get put into the spotlight and are almost treated like the new Rock or Popstars with all the gossip and talk about their personality and their state of consciousness at this or that party that comes with it. I aim to take myself out of the equation as a person and let my music shine instead.

In terms of trying to locate you in Ibiza this summer, one place we can find you, or several copies of your unique mask at least, is Ibiza airport over where you pick up your luggage after your flight. This is all in aid of promoting a competition for your launch of The Masquerade at Amnesia Ibiza. Can you tell us a little more about what the competition is and how this idea came about?

I am inviting Claptone fans who’ll be in Ibiza around the The Masquerade event on July 31st to enter the competition and take a picture of one of the big masks when arriving at Ibiza airport and sharing it on socials using the hashtags #TheMasquerade #GoldenSummer #Ibiza2016 #Ibz #Claptone. The prize is a special VIP treatment at the event on Sunday. You can see all information here: – I received some wonderful photos already (see one of them below).

Speaking of the launch of The Masquerade at Amnesia Ibiza, what can we expect from your special showcase on Sunday 31st July?

I want to go back to the early days of clubs when people with different social backgrounds, different attitudes and different lifestyles could go to the same party and dance together to the same beat with everyone having a good time and become one. Wearing a mask can be a nice way to achieve not only that, but it can create a certain freedom for every guest. At ‘The Masquerade’, you are welcome to put on a mask and be what you want to be. Leave your troubles behind. Have new facettes of your identity surface. I’ll give out Claptone masks for free at the entrance and you can bring your own masks if you have any. I hope to be surrounded by a collection of otherworldly characters who will turn this world upside down in an excessive, hedonistic frenzy.

What are you most looking forward to about The Masquerade showcase and why?

I want to create a surrounding where you can find your happy place, where the craziest ideas and the grandest dreams lay waiting, a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination. But with ‘The Masquerade’, it would be nothing without the music. The music is the most important thing for me. I’ve put together a real festival line up for you.

There are a host of impressive names on the billing for this particular event including Mat.Joe, Catz ‘N Dogz, DJ.T and Re.You. What was your reasoning behind these particular choices? What characteristics were you looking for in terms of artists and sounds that you wanted to be projected at The Masquerade?

I want The Masquerade to be a real party, a positive freak circus. That’s why I picked DJs with character, DJs who are fun and skillfully deliver playful and groovy sets, but at the same time breathe music. I know this line up will create an exciting musical journey through House, Techno, Tech House and Deep House with lots of funky bits and spice by those moments to remember.

Speaking of Amnesia Ibiza, you participated in the opening celebrations of the club back in May earlier this summer. What did it mean to you as an artist to be a part of such a diversely talented line-up at the opening party of one of Ibiza’s most popular clubbing venues? Which was your favourite set of the night and why?

It meant a lot as Amnesia is, as you rightfully say, one of the few essential Ibiza clubs and has been around forever. I felt honoured to be able to celebrate the 2016 opening with everyone. Unfortunately, I flew in that night and played a prime time set, so I didn’t have much time to check any of the other sets out. It happens too often with my touring schedule.

That particular night saw you perform in the Main Room. You have two upcoming bookings with Together, including their 6th birthday, where you will perform in the Terrace of Amnesia Ibiza. How would you compare performing in the two rooms? Which is your favourite to DJ in and why?

Both floors are great, especially when they’re packed with an enthusiastic crowd. For me, it always comes down to the quality of crowd. When the crowd is right, I would even enjoy playing on the Amnesia toilettes. Taken the unlikely case, Main and Terrace are blessed with equally great crowds – I’d prefer the Main Room though. I couldn’t even really say why, it’s more because of the setup and the vibe. (By the way ‘The Masquerade’ takes place in the Main Room).

Next month sees you grace the famous stage of Space Ibiza for the final time before it shuts once and for all. You are a part of the billing for Sundays at Space. Tell us about some of your favourite memories at Space Ibiza and what record reminds you most about your time spent in there over the years?

Space is one of the places I associate with music and magic on the White Isle. There are so many Space on Sunday memories, floating in the aura on the Terrace as the sun descends late on a Sunday afternoon. Blissful magic. Cassius – “Cassius 1999” came out the same year that Sunday became Space Sunday. This is a key track for me when I think about the Sundays.

Finally, you recently released two edits dedicated to your Golden Summer tour. The first is titled “In The City” and the second is called “Summer Breeze”. What are your favourite aspects of the originals and how do you edits differ from the originals?

These songs are summer hymns, they embody the feeling of summer for me. The sun is shining through them. I translated them to club language in Claptone tongue, so to speak. My aim was to produce summer edits only for my Golden Summer tour to exclusively play them at all of the beach parties, the festivals, the islands and of course, to the Island in 2016. But when I started playing them from the Amnesia Opening on, I received just so many requests to release the edits that I ended up making them available.

Here are details on this Sunday’s event below:

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Here is a photo of what clubbers have been getting up to at Ibiza Airport in order to try and win special VIP treatment at the launch party of The Masquerade this Sunday at Amnesia Ibiza.

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