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Interview with Cosmic Gate

We recently caught up with one of Germany’s most consistent electronic music pairings, Cosmic Gate, and discussed their recent performance for Cream at Amnesia Ibiza, their latest record titled “Edge Of Life” featuring Eric Lumiere and their nomination in the Trance category at this year’s 19th Edition DJ Awards.

Earlier this month, you graced the stage of Amnesia Ibiza for Cream. What was your biggest highlight of this particular performance and why? Which set stood out for you on this night?

We actually felt the night was a complete success from A to Z! We arrived early and Grum was doing an excellent job playing a perfect first set preparing the crowd on point for Above & Beyond’s performance. The guys then had the room totally under their spell, hands in the air and singing along, respect! Not easy to follow that, but we felt we had a great connection with the crowd and then later, the night went even more crazy and the party continued! When we stopped at 5.30am to hand the room to Ilan Bluestone, it still was packed, such an amazing night!

You took over the Main Room on this night along with the likes of Above & Beyond and Ilan Bluestone. What is your favourite aspect of performing in the Main Room of Amnesia Ibiza? How does it compare to performing in the Terrace?

We unfortunately have not played the Terrace at Amnesia; we have only been hanging out there, so we can’t really compare from our own DJ experiences. The night in the Main Room though, as mentioned before, was amazing! All the artists involved are personal friends; we have been hanging out and playing shows together for many years now, so the musical understanding with all these Anjunabeats artists is very much alike. It also reflected in that sense in what was just a splendid night for everyone.

What is your favourite aspect of Cream as an event and why?

It’s simply the fact of two different music genres that make Cream so special, both for the crowd that has the option to listen to different music styles, but also for the DJ. The line-ups each week are just exceptional, crowds can mix up; walk from the Terrace to the Main Room and vice-versa. It’s very interesting and different to most clubs line-ups, but obviously it’s a huge success seeing how great the vibe is and how rammed both floors were! For us, Cream is definitely the number one party for every Trance Fan and Trance DJ on Ibiza this year, and we are proud to be part of this unique summer line-up.

Cream is of course the first ever Ibiza residential home of the legendary Fatboy Slim. Do you think this event accommodates Fatboy Slim’s style perfectly or do you think his first residency should’ve been hosted at another event?

We are not very familiar with Fatboy Slims current DJ sets, but the Cream overall line-up is so fantastic, he is a true absolute legend in Dance Music history and the Terrace should fit him perfectly in our understanding. Hopefully, we get the chance to check him out during the summer!!!

Switching gears now, you recently released your latest track titled “Edge Of Life”. Can you tell us a little more about this track and the production you put into creating it?

Eric and us a few months ago, while playing a show together, had a conversation about how many famous and influential artists have been dying during the last year, how crazy most artists’ lives go, and that’s how actually the whole idea for the lyrics started.

We are all living in the fast lane, live on the edge somehow, and after Eric delivered these fantastic vocals, we simply did our part, took them to our studio and started producing the fitting music and beats as we hope. If you don’t know “Edge of Life” yet, check it out!

The music video was recently released and features a boy and a girl running away from a group of people. What is the story behind the concept of “Edge Of Life” and what are you trying to achieve with this track?

The video tells the story of a young couple “living on the edge”. Doing crazy things and jumps (Parkour & Free Running). Latest, with the flashback cut to when they were kids and already stood together and were doing this Bonny and Clyde thing, it gets obvious. They are basically a living example of “Living the Edge of Life”. That’s why they get followed and chased by these scary characters. We felt that this story visualises the deeper meaning of the song.

You of course collaborated with Eric Lumiere on this particular record. What was it like to work with Eric? Did you learn anything new from him at all?

We had the pleasure to work with Eric for the third time now, after the singles “Falling Back” and “Run Away” from our last Album “Start To Feel”. What can we say? He is just such a talented songwriter and singer. On top, he is just a super nice and down to earth guy, we like to go on tour with him, hang out and maybe even have some deeper conversations as mentioned before, it’s even better when such moments lead to good ideas as it did for “Edge of Life”.

This October will be the 19th ever edition of the prestigious DJ Awards at Pacha Ibiza. How important do you think this event is rising stars in the electronic music industry and why?

Ibiza is always setting the trends in Dance Music. It’s still, after 30 years of clubbing, the place to be in the summer. That’s why it’s the absolute right spot for such a prestigious award, and we are very proud to be part of it!

You have been nominated for the Trance award for this year’s DJ Awards. Who for you has been pushing the Trance movement the most in 2016 out of those nominated for the award and why?

It’s a little hard to say when being nominated ourselves haha! All of these guys here are doing fantastic jobs for so many years, releasing big tunes and playing DJ shows around the globe. We are honoured to be part of this exquisite group and are excited and eager to find out who will be winning as much as you guys are…

In terms of talent who didn’t make the cut for the Trance category, who do you feel should’ve been nominated and why?

Indeed there is a lot of new talent out, sometimes it seems the awards are more of a popularity contest though and names are pretty much the same… Andrew Bayer or Alex di Stefano have been doing great productions, especially Bayer for many years now. He would have be an example that sure comes to mind and hopefully gets recognition by an even bigger crowd in the future.


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