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Interview with Doorly

We recently caught up with Los Angeles-based artist, Doorly, and discussed his recent performance at Ibiza Rocks alongside LCD Soundsystem, Applebum at Sankeys Ibiza and his dates that he has scheduled with Sundays at Space.

First things first Doorly, you live in the Californian city of Los Angeles. In terms of nightlife, what does L.A. have to offer to the house music scene?How does the nightlife in Los Angeles compare to that of the nightlife in Ibiza?

The specialist scene in each city in the USA is very niche and more concentrated, but with Americans being so outgoing, this really makes those small communities really special and they have a family vibe. Ibiza obviously is all about underground music and it’s mainly tourists so although there are more great parties here, it’s very hard to get that same intimate vibe.

Speaking of Ibiza, you recently graced the stage of Ibiza Rocks alongside LCD Soundsystem. What was your biggest highlight from this performance and why?

I’m a huge LCD fan and I thought (like everyone did) that they had retired, so getting to share the stage at my home venue in Ibiza for the second time was amazing. A highlight was during the last track of my set, I had played a quite rare and mostly vinyl only selection of disco edits and stuff I’d made myself, which I thought James Murphy would like, and for my last track, I had brought it right down for them to launch pad off and played a Black Madonna record that i assumed they wouldn’t have even heard when the tour manager ran down and said: “Doorly, this is our new intro record that we were about to come onto!”

It was a huge co-incidence, of all the records I could have picked, I somehow accidentally guessed that one, I was a little embarrassed but they found it amazing as well and pretty funny so I just looped the record back to the main breakdown and then the band came on stage and one by one joined in with the track and started playing over the record whilst it finished, so I technically got to jam a little bit with the band haha!

What are your thoughts on LCD Soundsystem as an act overall?

They’re so important to everything that’s happened in the last decade, and just the absolute real deal. Al, the guitarist, gave me a little tour around their set up, it’s mind blowing and I’ve never seen anything like it at Ibiza Rocks, so many vintage and custom synths, it was hanging over the side of the stage they had so much. It was possibly my favourite gig of all time at Ibiza Rocks in my 11 years as resident.

This summer also sees you take over the decks at Sankeys Ibiza on Tuesday nights for their brand new hip-hop inclusion of Applebum. What makes this particular concept stand out compared to any other on the White Isle? What can we expect from Applebum on Tuesday nights this summer?

It’s exactly what Ibiza needed, something different but equally cool, the line-ups are my teenage fantasy and it’s a huge honour to be able to grace the decks with legends like Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier and good friends like Grandmaster Flash. The atmosphere in there is like no other on the island honestly.

What is your favourite aspect of the Applebum night and why?

The whole branding and music is all geared towards not trying to take yourself too seriously which really does get on my tits sometimes in Ibiza with everyone wearing black, never smiling and trying to be seen at the right places. This is all about smiling and remembering the good times and celebrating that golden era of hip hop and the vibe like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest represented.

Let’s rewind things back to May now. You graced the highly acclaimed stage of Space Ibiza for its final ever opening party over in El Salon. What did it feel like to be a part of this final ever opening celebration at Space Ibiza and what will you miss most about this club once it closes forever?

Bitter sweet, it’s almost the end of an era and a club that definitely shaped my life a lot. It was a hell of a night though and I have plenty more gigs there this summer before I have to say goodbye.

You have a couple of dates at Sundays at Space throughout the summer. Obviously it’s great to see this brand back in its spiritual home after its one-year sabbatical last year. Tell us about some of your favourite memories at Space Ibiza on Sundays…

They all blur into one to be honest, except for last year when it wasn’t there. I pretty much went every Sunday for the last 11 years in the summer time, that’s how much I love Sundays at Space.

You have also returned to the decks at Pikes Hotel this summer. What for you makes this venue so unique compared to any other venue on the island?

It’s kind of one of the only really Balearic feeling places left on the island. It’s a little bit naughty, there are no VIP areas and heavy duty security, everyone is always smiling and mostly in fancy dress. I share the Monday residency with DJ Harvey and it’s an over 23 crowd, so that makes a big difference as well to the vibe.

Finally, we see you gained a new acquisition to spend your siesta time with in Ibiza recently – your brand new Unicorn Pool Float. Tell us the story behind the purchase and your favourite things to do during siesta…

Haha, ahhh you saw Swamp Donkey the unicorn! He’s great and the finest company for a mid afternoon nap in the sun! I found it on eBay whilst I was looking for a life jacket for my baby chihuahua (Nismo) and that popped up in the “you might like this” section, and they weren’t wrong!


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