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Interview with Fatima Hajji

We recently caught up with one of Spanish techno’s leading ladies, Fatima Hajji, and discussed her thoughts on the current techno scene in Spain, her Silver M takeover dates at Eden Ibiza and her obsession with the colour silver.

First of all Fatima, you are considered to be one of the leading females of the techno scene in Spain. What are your thoughts on the current techno music scene in Spain?

We have many, but seriously, so many people in Spain living in full and loving the electronic music scene, therefore I feel very lucky to be part of it. And of course, there’s also that huge party vibe. Most of the people who are attending the gigs and festivals are very young people. So year after year, we are adding to the family more and more with techno addicts. This is why it is so easy for me to say we have a very strong scene here, one that has amazing professionals, promoters and excellent DJs as well.

What are the countries bigger strengths in terms of the genre and what do you think could be improved to help the scene grow further?

I used to play often in some European countries with a huge music scene, like in Spain, so I definitely have to mention Netherlands, France and Italy. And of course Germany! The UK has a big one also but I was in London only once. I’d love to be back soon and share better thoughts. Some great venues are also flourishing lately over in East Europe. I’m expecting to be back in South America soon, actually very soon, the Colombian and Brazilian scenes have grown big time in the last few years. Argentina, Mexico and Peru are also places with huge parties and splendid clubbers. I’m expecting to be there sooner than later. And last but not least, for sure, the US is becoming a leader industry in “just a few” years. I’d love to play there in the very near future maybe…

To improve the scene, I think more support from local authorities in some areas would be great. Berlin and Amsterdam are a couple of good examples of supporting the scene/culture… and business, because whether we like it or not, music is business.

In terms of volume in followers, you currently occupy 6th place in the world within the techno music scene. What does this mean to you personally and what kind of influence do you hope to have on up and coming techno female talents?

I’m not sure of the exact place and it’s not really that important for me, not a big deal, but what is amazing is the incredible feedback and the amount of people that are following, sharing, commenting and liking the social communications about my daily playing and traveling. They are expecting and I just want to give them as much as I can. I can never be sufficiently grateful. About the influence, the impact, if my work is helping others to keep spreading the positive energy of the techno sounds all over the world… that’s really heart-warming to me, I’ll be happy forever.

What female techno artists did you look up to when first breaking into the techno music industry? What advice would you give to a rising female star in techno music today?

Some of the biggest when I started were Misstress Bárbara, Monika Kruse and Gayle Sam. The advice for newcomers: just be yourself, enjoy your life and play what you feel is good!

You recently graced the stage at Awakenings Festival towards the end of last month. What was your biggest highlight from the festival and why?

The whole festival was a highlight! It was my sixth year there and always is amazing. I’m glad to be part of this. It makes me so damn happy!

Furthermore, this summer in Ibiza will see you takeover San Antonio’s largest super-club, Eden Ibiza, on three dates with your latest concept titled Silver M. Silver is of course one of your favourite colours and has become synonymous with you because of your silver jacket whilst the letter M is for the moon. What can we expect from Silver M across these three dates at Eden Ibiza?

You can expect happy people dancing to loads of Techno and a nice party vibe.

What is your obsession with the colour silver? What is it that you like about the colour so much and why?

I simply love it! SILVER as a colour along with the moon explains the name Silver M. It is a feminine symbol and it also has a big influence on us, the animals and the whole earth. Even more, when the moon is full, it means that for me is SILVER. It makes me realise that we are connected between ourselves and the planet.

What kind of impact do you think Silver M will have on nightlife in San Antonio? What will it offer different to any other event in the area?

I don’t know yet, hopefully the people will have a nice party time there and I would like to offer them authentic Techno sounds perfect to dance all night long. I just want to be happy and make the people feel the same. I can tell that behind this project, is a great human team and we will do our best as possible to progress it.

The opening party will take place on Thursday 28th July. What are you most looking forward to about the opening celebration and why?

Everything, but especially, I heard the sound system at Eden is impressive. I want to test it so much!

Silver M has a host of impressive names lined up for its three date residency over at Eden Ibiza. These include the likes of Jon Rundell, Lauren Lo Sung, Jamie Roy and Pete Dorling. How do you think they will contribute in making Silver M a success?

That’s the key; we tried to bring together some fresh but also already great, well-known and highly.-respected Techno and Tech-House names.

Jon Rundell is quite an established name whilst the other three are undoubtedly ones to watch in the future… What is your long-term vision for Silver M in terms of establishing it as a label and hosting further events? Where do you see the brand in five years’ time from now?

We are working hard together with my agency, Miracle Management (who are doing some great work here) to make something nice and to give back loads of good to the people who, every day, give me their positive energies and support my stuff as an artist. This should become the perfect circle. I’m looking forward to making this dream happening.


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