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Interview with Los Suruba

We recently caught up with Suruba Records co-head-honchos, Los Suruba, and discussed what prompted them to follow a career behind the decks as opposed to design, their biggest highlight from the Ushuaïa Ibiza Opening Party and what they enjoy the most about Elrow.

First things first guys, you originally met when studying design and music engineering together. Where did you study together and what prompted you to follow a career behind the decks as opposed to design?

Alvaro: We met at the “Instituti Europeo Di Design” in 2000. Delmar had been DJing since he was 17-years-old, that was some years before we met and he taught me how to play with vinyl.

Then we made a music engineer course at SAE in 2004 and after that, we decided to build our first studio for Music and Design at Calle La Palma in Malasaña hood in Madrid.

That’s the reason why, since the beginning, we made our own designs for our labels and our social medias. We control and made everything by ourselves.

Suruba is of course the Portuguese translation for orgy – a wild party or a sinful bacchanal. How do you portray ‘Suruba’ in your sound?

Suruba is a word taken from the Brasilian-Portuguese language that means orgy, but we took that name but not in sexual terms. We like the concept of Suruba because with it, we can define all the things that we like with one Word. A mix of people, music, design, fashion and of course feelings… always in a good way.

We are lucky because we like a lot of different music (we are melomaniacs) but sometimes, this is a problem because we would love to mix a lot of them, electronic or not, but normally most of the people don’t understand and we only can do it in a few specific open-minded places. It’s easier for a DJ that only plays one style and even with the same Groove, but we think that is too easy and nowadays it’s what most of the “artists” do. So, we like to keep playing differently to that of what everybody else does with our own unique style.

Do you recall the first gig you performed as a duo? Tell us about your favourite memory from this event…

Yes, it was in 2005. But it was not until four years after that we decided to start performing as “Los Suruba”.

In that time, we had our own club called Suruba, we used to play all of the Saturdays of the month, half of the dates with a guest DJ and the others playing only us three hours each.

As we had a small budget for the guests, the month that we booked Tigerskin LIVE for first time (October 2005), we couldn’t afford other guest that month, so we decided to make a special performance with our alter-egos, HeadphonesHead, to complete the line-up of the month.

During that period, we only played vinyl and we tried to make something like a live act adding a Nord Lead 2, an Akai MPC 2000, a Kaoss Pad and a second mixer to the set up. The result we got from the crowd was really crazy!! We really enjoyed doing it!

Speaking of gigs, over the last three years you guys have established yourself as very popular residents of ANTS at Ushuaïa Ibiza. What was your favourite aspect of performing at Ushuaïa Ibiza and why?

Our favourite aspect is the exposure that you get playing there. Ushuaia invest a lot of money and work in promotion and that helps so much to reach the people that didn’t listen us before.

We also used to meet and play with some friends like Timo Maas, Mr J, Tapesh and Hot Since 82.

You also graced the stage of the Ushuaïa Ibiza opening party back in May. What was your biggest highlight from this gig and why?

We played at the Opening of Ushuaia for the fourth year in a row. We love the daytime events, no matter whether its a festival or a club, so we enjoyed playing during that day and especially because we played with the PLAYdifferently Model1 mixer. It’s a prototype of the forthcoming Allen & Health and Richie Hawtin new project.

This new model is amazing, they made something really special. It has a lot of great features that any other mixer doesn’t have. Also, it has six analogue channels and two separatle cues, so for us, it is perfect because while one of us is mixing two tracks, the other can listen a new one.

You will also be taking over the decks at Elrow at Space Ibiza in September. What do you enjoy most about Elrow and why?

We played three weeks ago for the first time this season and it was great. For us nowadays, Elrow is one of the biggest parties in the world. We played at Elrow Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid and Antwerp. Last New Year’s, we played in Barcelona and Madrid on the same day and it was crazy.

We also played at Elrow Barcelona during the Barcelona OFF Week and for second year in a row.

We feel relly good playing there because the Elrow team always takes good care of us and treats us very well.

If you could throw your very own Elrow-themed party at Space Ibiza, what theme would you select and what acts would you have join you on the billing?

Our favourite Elrow-themed event is the Psychedelic trip because it fits more with our style.

About the acts for our own Elrow party, it would be great to play with Bedouin, LUM and Guy Gerber (Live) for example… a real Psychedelic trip!

You also performed at the Ministry of Sound earlier this month. What were you most looking forward to about this particular event and why?

We have four dates at Ministry during this year. The first one was in March, as you said, the next one will take place on the 23rd of July. We are excited to be back as headliners playing the closing set at the Main Room but we are especially excited about our next date there on the 3rd of September. We were invited to play at the 25th Anniversary party with an amazing line-up formed by Todd Terje (Live), Greg Wilson (one of our favourite DJs), PBR Streetgang and Ewan Pearson back-to-back with Tim Sheridan!! We are glad to be a part of this 12 hour party. It will be from 10pm until 10am and we will be playing at 5am in the Main Room!

Finally, the Suruba Records label launched back in 2007 and is still going strong almost ten years later. Where would you like to see your record label in ten years time from now? What is your vision for Suruba Records?

Our vision for the future is to keep it fresh, feel proud of our work and continue with the same quality on the sound and arts.

Catch Los Suruba at Ministry of Sound’s 25th Anniversary on Saturday 3rd September and at Space Ibiza for Elrow on Saturday 10th September.


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