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Interview with Matthias Tanzmann

We recently caught up with Moon Harbour chief, Matthias Tanzmann, and discussed Moon Harbour celebrating its 15 year milestone, what makes Circoloco at DC10 Ibiza so popular and memories of both Carl Cox and Space Ibiza.

Last year saw your label, Moon Harbour; reach the 15 year milestone point. How did it feel to accomplish this? Did you ever anticipate Moon Harbour reaching such a milestone?

When we started the label in back 2000, we didn’t plan what would be in 10 or 15 years. We wanted to release the music we loved and give a platform to our artist friends. Everything developed quite nicely and we are now looking forward to our 20th anniversary.

You celebrated this milestone with a 15 Years of Moon Harbour Tour. What was your favourite gig from that particular tour and why?

We had our biggest showcase ever at Pacha Barcelona during the Sonar week last year. I think there were almost 20 Moon Harbour artists playing. A big get-together like this usually just happens at weddings. It was like a family reunion and the party was memorable.

Mondays at DC10 behind the decks at Circoloco is where you can be found most often on the White Isle. You recently returned there for the opening in May, what was your biggest highlight from this event and why?

I was playing the closing set at my beloved Terrace floor. DC10 terrace is my favourite place to DJ, so it has been a highlight for me again. The vibe is magic when the sun comes up in the morning.

What do you feel separates Circoloco from any other night on the island that makes it so special?

Circoloco has always been about upfront quality underground music. Certainly, DC10 has become more popular during recent years, but it hasn’t changed its approach towards the music.

In addition to Circoloco, you also appeared at the final opening party of Carl Cox’s Music Is Revolution at Space Ibiza. What are your thoughts on Carl as an artist? Do you hold any funny memories with him from over the years?

I am truly honoured to be playing for him again. Especially as it was the last opening party. I remember seeing Carl play when I was still a kid. I guess almost all of us have a memory like this. He is a real legend in electronic music.

What do you think life in Ibiza will be like once Carl Cox and Space Ibiza complete their final seasons in 2016?

I don’t know. Ibiza will lose something iconic with Space and Carl being gone next year. But I am sure there will be new things to look forward to in Ibiza and we will always keep the old times in our hearts.

Speaking of Space Ibiza, what is your earliest memory of the world’s most famous club?

I remember playing there for my first time ever in Ibiza. It was an after party at the outside Terrace on a Thursday or Friday morning. Nima Gorji invited me back then. I hadn’t been to Ibiza much before I became a DJ, so I didn’t see Space in the 90’s unfortunately.

Switching gears now, you recently appeared at Pacha in Barcelona for OFF Week as your label, Moon Harbour, took over proceedings. How would you compare Pacha in Barcelona to Pacha in Ibiza?

Sven Tasnadi and I have been working on the collaboration for almost two to three years. It took us so long because it wasn’t easy to find the time to go to studio together, even though we live in the same city. A few months ago, we managed to lock ourselves in for a few days and finished the three tracks on the EP.

What was it like to collaborate with Sven Tasnadi on this EP? What do you think of him as an artist?

We had a great time actually. Sven is a very talented producer and DJ. We released his solo album on Moon Harbour last year. I personally enjoy collaborating in the studio a lot. It always shows new approaches to making music.

Finally, the future is looking bright for Moon Harbour and you have a roster loaded with exciting potential. Is there any particular artist we should keep our eye on over the next year? If so, who is it and why?

Sable Sheep and Zohki are the guys to keep your eyes and ears on.


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