Ukrainian-born and proud of it, Nastia is one of few DJ’s who has built her career through her high-quality and versatile performances through the art of DJ’ing.

Coming finely furnished with unquestionable talents behind the decks, Nastia’s mixing abilities can see her play anything from Drum & Bass to industrial Techno in flawless fashion.

Head of her very own label, Propaganda, the Kiev native is turning heads across the globe with her impressive versatility and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

We recently caught up with Propaganda boss to discuss her favourite genre of music, her recent appearance at Amnesia Ibiza for Cocoon and her forthcoming performance for Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza.

First of all Nastia, you originate from Ukraine. How did you first get involved in underground music?

I was listening to the likes of The Prodigy and more around 20 years ago and of course I got influenced by electronic music more and more, I then couldn’t let go of this music and I became so passionate about it, it sucked me in until I was a slave to it. So I’m like a slave! Haha.

What were your local influences whilst you were growing up in your home town of Kiev?

We had our local heroes, but they are not heroes anymore. We had great DJs playing in Kiev and I was looking at them thinking: “I want to be like them, I wish I could play like them.”

You are pretty versatile in different styles of music that you play. What is your favourite genre of music to play and why?

I think my favourite is Drum & Bass because it is full of soul and melodies. It is very dynamic and you can jam and the music and energy is just amazing. I like this music more but I discovered it later than Techno and House. I am a House and Techno DJ but this is my passion.

You recently appeared behind the decks for Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza. What do you love the most about Cocoon and why?

Why do I love Cocoon? Because they are strong enough to hold and host most heavyweight DJ’s on their line-ups. It is not easy to attain the best slots and attract the best DJs or artists so I respect them because they always produce very amazing line-ups each time and you need to have power and influence to be successful.

Of course, Sven Vath is the creative genius behind the Cocoon brand. How did you first meet Sven and what is your relationship like with him?

I first met Sven back in 2010 at kaZantip – a Ukrainian festival. It was his first time to come and play in Ukraine, and I was there but I was really shy. I was like: “Sven, I love you so much, can you please give me a record as a present?” He then gave me a record…

What record was it?

The record was called ‘Fusion’. It was in a white box and when I returned back home, and Sven may not be happy about this, but I made a clock watch from the record. He doesn’t know but it is on my wall as a watch.

Later this month, you will be playing for Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza. What are you most excited for about this date and why?

Carl Cox is the biggest in the world. For me, of course it is an honour to play for him and it will be my very first time playing for him too. Of course, I am excited about it as well.

What are your thoughts on the recent refurb of Privilege Ibiza? Have you seen it since its recent transformation?

I have been there before, but only in the second room, the smaller room. I have never been inside of the bigger room before. I have only been to Privilege Ibiza before on one occasion, it was the second room and not the bigger room.

What was your biggest highlight from playing in the Vista Club?

It was for a Next Wave party featuring Rhadoo, Raresh, all of the cool Romanian Techno DJs and it was a nice experience.

Finally, what do you have lined up your sleeve for us in terms of forthcoming releases and festival dates over the next couple of months?

I am working on my label, Propaganda. I am getting prepared for the next release too. I am most excited for Creamfields when I play alongside Richie Hawtin there in August. It will be my first time playing such a big festival and I am really looking forward to it.