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Interview with Valentino Khan

We recently caught up with Los Angeles-born superstar, Valentino Khan, and discussed his recent performance at Ibiza Rocks, his thoughts on Major Lazer Soundsystem’s performance and his favourite set that his track, “Deep Down Low”, was featured in.

This past week saw you grace the open-air stage of Ibiza Rocks located in San Antonio for part two of Ibiza Rocks’ birthday celebrations. What was your biggest highlight from this event and why?

The best part about playing at such a legendary venue was how open minded the crowd was there. They really got into it! And just hanging with the Major Lazer guys is always a fun time.

What was your favourite aspect of performing at Ibiza Rocks? What do you think makes the venue so different to any other in San Antonio and why?

I think the fact that you can walk right outside your hotel room and there’s a party is amazing. It probably creates this great atmosphere of community where you’re immediately having a good time when you walk out the door.

Major Lazer Soundsystem headlined proceedings and put in a star-studded performance, how was it being invited to open the show with them. What do you think of them as an act and what did you enjoy most about their performance on Wednesday evening?

I’ve known Diplo for years and worked with him before on Lazer when we co-produced “Bubble Butt”, so this was a cool, full-circle moment for me personally. Their energy and performance on stage is really what sets them apart. You sense a real, genuine connection between them as performers and the audience, that’s rare I think.

Speaking of Major Lazer, you co-produced a track with them titled “Bubble Butt”. Whenever you hear this track played now, what fond memories does it remind you of?

It just reminds me of how much that song got played on the radio, which was a huge accomplishment for me at the time. Hearing it frequently in the club was trippy for me!

Did you get chance to explore the White Isle at all whilst you were on the island? What beaches and restaurants did you visit?

I would wake up every day and hit up this smoothie and juice bar by my hotel and then walk along the beach. I also had a really incredible dinner with Alison Wonderland where we ordered some of the best seafood I’ve ever tasted.

Switching gears now, your record titled “Deep Down Low” was the most played track by artists on Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, last year. Out of all the times you have seen this record played, which has been your favourite set where it has been included and why?

It was actually the most played track by all DJs for the entire year. I think my favourite set where it was included was probably in Axwell / Ingrosso’s at Ultra. I think they were the first guys from that musical world to support the record and it just took off in a big way from there on out.

As a core artist on OWSLA, do you take inspiration from Skrillex’s work at all?

Yeah, I think the way he’s been putting together records with great vocals is a huge inspiration for me. Just the way the songs are structured is very refreshing. Guys like him, Diplo, Snake and others are really pushing things forward that way.

Speaking of huge names, you have also produced for the likes of 2 Chainz and remixed guys like Wiz Khalifa. What is your favourite remix you have ever recorded and why?

Probably my favourite remix I’ve done was for Dillon Francis, because of how well everything makes sense in that record. And the drop sounds really weird and different, which I always like. The remix I did for Yellow Claw was also really cool for me because I think what I did totally took it in a different direction and gave it a new life.

Past or present, if you could select any single artist to record a remix for who you haven’t remixed for yet, who would you choose and why?

Probably Justice if that was ever possible, because I really got into dance music through them.

Finally, what are your plans for the remainder of the summer? Where can we catch you and when?

I am finishing out the European leg of my Asia and Europe tour right now. This really has been an amazing run! The rest of the summer for me is going to be full, playing a lot of festivals in America mixed with doing my own shows all across the country.


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