Judge Jules on his new law career and Ibiza

5 years ago by Russell MEakin

It was 1997 when a young Judge Jules landed the 5pm til 7pm slot on Radio One and was nationally billed as the ‘UK’s Saturday Warm Up.’

Playing a diverse mix of tracks, Jules gained the respect and loyalty of listeners and quickly established himself as a Radio One institution, alongside the likes of Tim Westwood and Danny Rampling.

As well as Radio One fame, he became renowned for his residency in Ibiza superclub ‘Eden’, which has long been advertised as San Antonio’s busiest night, pulling in hoards of clubbers week in, week out.

After gaining such notoriety as an established and integral part of Radio One, it came as a big surprise when it was revealed that the ‘Judge’ was set to leave to pursue a career in law.

For those not ‘in the know’, Jules actually gained his pseudonym when studying law at University in the late eighties, where he DJ’d and hosted small parties.

Graduating with lower second class honours, Jules put his law career on the back burner and it was only in 2007 that he picked up where he left off and began to retake his legal-qualifications part time, knowing that a career in entertainment law was an ambition he wished to fulfill.

Jules said: “I began Djing whilst I was studying law at university in the late eighties.”

“Five years ago, I started re-taking my legal qualifications part-time. Going into entertainment law has always been my long-term strategy, and there’s no shortage of experience to make me a good lawyer in this field.”

“In late 2013 I’m starting as an entertainment lawyer, whilst continuing to DJ at the same time.”

After a successful 14 year stint at the station, he revealed that he wasn’t surprised when his time was up and it was time to move on to other projects, but has assured that his passion for DJ’ing is still as alive as ever.

Jules added: “Nothing lasts forever, and when I reached my tenth year I realised that my time would come sooner rather than later.”

“Not due to lack of relevance, but because of the rotating doors nature of radio. In the event it was a further five years before this happened. ”

“I’ve not lost too much sleep, because I still present my internationally syndicated ‘Global Warm Up’ show, which goes out in over 50 countries across the globe.”

“My passion for Djing has never waned. I don’t think you can fool anybody in this department.”

“That passion has been the reason behind a career that’s lasted longer than just about anybody’s. Give me a crowd of only five people, and I’ll still buzz off playing tunes to them.”

Speaking with an incredible air of confidence, Jules doesn’t think balancing DJ’ing with his new found law career will prove to be too unyielding, and has promised another breathtaking year at Eden with Judgement Sundays.

He said: “The main difference will be that doing midweek gigs will be out, as my weekdays will be devoted to legal stuff, whilst my weekends will continue to be given over to Djing.”

“At Judgement Sundays we only book the most passionately performing Djs who fit Ibiza perfectly, which probably explains its enduring success.

There are way too many names to mention, as each week features at least 6-8 headline acts, but suffice to say it’ll be another headline grabbing season.”

To find out more about Judgement Sundays, including line-ups, pictures, videos and more – check out our Judgement Sundays page.

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