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Kappa Futur Festival 2017 – Our guide to two unforgettable days of Techno

When it comes to festival season, one bucket list box that the entire world needs to tick is that of Kappa Futur Festival.

Promising to be bigger and better than ever before, Kappa Futur Festival now enters its sixth successive year as Italy’s favourite Techno fiesta.

Situated over at the breathtaking post-industrial scene of Parco Dora park in the very heart of Turin, Kappa Futur Festival is a showcase of some of the finest House and Techno heavyweights our industry has to offer today.

With it set to once again attract more than 40,000 of the hungriest underground music fans from across the globe, the 2017 offering will bring a Techno tidal wave of unforgettable proportions.

Here are 10 sets we highly recommend you get involved with this coming weekend.

Saturday 8th July

[postfeature title=’Carl Cox’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/carlcox-300×161.jpg’]

What better way to start this two-day Techno extravaganza than with the one and only Carl Cox? An Acid House veteran, a champion of Techno music and of course, the undisputed king of Ibiza, Space Ibiza’s favourite son will take to the main stage of Kappa Futur at 13:40pm unleashing only the very best content underground music has to offer today. Brace yourselves, after missing last year’s event, the big man will be more than eager to make up for it this year with another truly unrivalled session.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Fatboy Slim’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/fatboy.jpg’]

Much to the delight of Italians, Europeans and Techno fans everywhere, Norman Cooke will fly out to Turin this weekend determined to deliver one of his most scintillating tastes of the summer at Kappa Futur Festival. An expert in reading the minds of a crowd, this musical chameleon will no doubt blend together funky breakbeats with the most catchy melodies and riffs sending his loyal fanbase into oblivion whilst doing so.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’The Black Madonna’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/blackmadonna-300×184.jpg’]

Renowned for her uplifting sets that balance established anthems with idiosyncratic selections, The Black Madonna is an increasingly respected name on today’s underground music scene. Bringing with her a decidedly anti-establishment philosophy to her curatorial style, The Black Madonna is a splendid technician when on deck duty and with her ability to span the dance music spectrum from Disco to Techno, her inimitable energy, infectious joy and ability to connect with an audience speaks volumes about her career thus far. [/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Nina Kraviz’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/ninakraviz-300×200.jpg’]

Considered by many to be one of the most significant commodities within the electronic music sphere today, Siberian-born sensation Nina Kraviz is well documented for her musically uncompromising energetic performances staying true to her daring approach, always maintaining a sincere connection with the crowd. Taking charge of the main stage from 20:40pm until 22:10pm, Kraviz will come accompanied with several unpredictable and emotionally-charged twists and turns tomorrow evening. [/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Jackmaster’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/jackmaster.jpg’]

When it comes to witnessing a live Jackmaster set in person, the true beauty is you never really know what you are going to get with everyone’s favourite Glaswegian. A passionate crate-digger dedicated to unearthing forgotten Disco classics and Techno titans, the element of glorious surprise remains a crucial factor to each and every performance Jackmaster does. Not one to follow trends, Kappa Futur revellers can embrace his fundamental honesty and energy from 22:30pm over at the BURN Stage. [/postfeature]

Sunday 9th July

[postfeature title=’Sven Vath’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/svenvath.jpg’]

A figurehead for a Techno revolution that started in Germany and soon spread far and wide, Cocoon chief Sven Vath will engage in a not to be missed three hour spectacular on the main stage from 15:00pm on Sunday. Now entering an 18th year of residence at Amnesia Ibiza in the party capital, Papa Sven is undoubtedly the most charismatic DJ of his generation and remains more vital and relevant than ever before. There is nobody else like him and there will never be anyone else like him.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Maceo Plex’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/maceoplex-300×214.jpg’]

Now leading his own artist residency over at Pacha Ibiza with Mosaic By Maceo, Ellum Records boss Maceo Plex will follow on from Sven Vath on Sunday with 90 minute masterpiece. With the Jager Stage expected to be jam-packed from the front to the very back, dance music enthusiasts can indulge with Maceo’s galactic proportions of funk and feel as he manipulates minds like only he knows how.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Tale Of Us’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/taleofus-300×199.jpg’]

In-demand and in-command, the creative minds behind the dark and desolate Afterlife, Tale Of Us, will invite all those in attendance on another venture to an odyssey through the realm of consciousness. Coming equipped with a multifaceted focus, Matteo and Karm will break poetic and emotional boundaries, bringing revery and awe to what will prove to be extraordinary scenes and levels – definitely one not to be missed.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Dixon’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/dixon-300×169.jpg’]

Co-general of Innvervisions, Dixon will take over dance floor dictations over on the BURN stage from 20:30pm on Sunday evening. An individual who has always maintained the importance of delivering an authentic message within his sets, Dixon’s impressive ability to hold a crowd for hours in the palms of his hands before switching the mood at the exact, perfect moment has become a staple for much of his success. Expect an emphasis on rigorous selection, attention to detail and enduring quality on all accounts.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Joseph Capriati’ align=’left’ image=’https://myibiza.tv/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/07/josephcapriati-300×154.jpg’]

Arguably one of the more anticipated sets on this weekend’s all-star billing will be the closing Sunday set of Italian stallion, Joseph Capriati. Deservedly one of Techno’s most in-demand names today, Capriati ushers in a brand of slick and emotive Techno delivered with precision, flair and infectious energy. Fresh and adventurous in all aspects of his game, experiencing Capriati at his absolute pinnacle will complete what will be another mind-blowing edition of Kappa Futur Festival.[/postfeature]


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