Benimussa Park Ibiza 2020 - Home of the Zoo Project, Tickets & Line-up

Whilst there has always been an uncertainty over the identity of Benimussa Park, one thing is for sure - there is no other zoo or club as unique as the Gala night.

No matter how much revellers would like to dream that the myth of Benimussa Park being a zoo was once a reality, it actually never was a zoo. Instead, the abandoned premises was utilised for something far more entertaining than watching animals in cages, it was built to party like animals!

Previously used on a regular basis by Club 18-30s, Benimussa Park is now home to a very unique and distinguished event entitled The Zoo Project which allows partygoers to unleash their inner-beasts every single Wednesday and Thursday.

With a very similar appearance to that of a wildlife sanctuary with its outdoor feel and highly popular Seal Pit, what better way to accommodate the party atmosphere than having everyone painted up as zoo animals? Fancy dress and/or body paint is a given at events held at Benimussa Park or prior to the event ensuring that one of the most unique dress codes to a party on the planet today simply adds to the experience.

With the Zoo Project continuing to blossom each and every year, this event at Benimussa Park has always been a box many tourists have wanted to tick during their time in Ibiza. The event has grown so big that it even hosts it's own festival back in the UK every year. With people prowling around San Antonio covered sometimes head to toe in body paint, it leaves the average passer by wondering on in curiosity to just exactly what is going down at the "abandoned zoo".

With the music code being strictly house and electro, Benimussa Park is just a taxi ride or free bus journey away between San Antonio and one of the most bizarre, unique and sensational parties you'll ever experience in your life.

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