Cafe Del Mar Ibiza 2020 - Sunset Bar, Parties, VIP Tables

As the sun goes down and the music gets turned up, there is only one place to be to experience such incredible vibes at the start of your night - Cafe Del Mar.

Located slap bang in the middle of the aptly named Sunset Strip, Cafe Del Mar has been one of Ibiza's biggest attractions for the past 33 years!

Recognised for it's "chilled-out" reputation with a mixture of easy listening and Balearic ambient music, this is what sets Cafe Del Mar apart from the rest of the Sunset Strip. With it's relaxing vibes and sensational food and cocktails, this small cafe is definitely a huge hit amongst White Isle loyalists.

However arguably the biggest magnetism for Cafe Del Mar, considering it is based on the Sunset Strip, is the sunset itself. Without fail, thousands of people from across San Antonio, Ibiza and the world show up to watch the beauty on display as the sun sets into the crystal clear Balearic ocean proving that whilst Ibiza is the king of nightlife, it also caters for scenery lovers with some truly glimmering views.

Once the sun has set and night falls, Cafe Del Mar then focuses on entertaining the creatures of the night. From fire breathers to all-round entertainers, the fun never stops. International DJ's also come and strut their stuff behind the decks as they prepare for their bigger residencies later on that particular night.

As the International DJ's play their music to the Sunset Strip, crowds usually gather on the decking or the rocks to take in the chilled out beats, the exotic cocktails and of course, the most relaxing vibes on the island as they prepare to move on to the super club of their choosing in sensational fashion.

Considered one of the most unique experiences Ibiza has to offer, I suggest you take one night to sit back, relax and indulge yourself with one of life's finest sights.

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