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When in an area of unfamiliar territory, one usually asks the locals for recommendations on where to go in terms of nightlife, food and entertainment to ensure they get their money’s worth when on vacation. In the case of food, the locals would direct you to Ca’n Pilot Ibiza.

Hugely popular amongst the locals and now attracting more and more tourist admirers every summer, Ca’n Pilot Ibiza is an excellent alternative for those looking for something different as opposed to your everyday local takeaway and can be found right in the heart of San Rafael!

Providing a lucrative selection of wines and specialising in a brilliant quality of grilled meat appealing to all appetites, no matter the preference of how grilled they would like it.

With cuisines ranging from Ibizan to Mediterranean to grill, the choices are limitless and the pleasure to the taste-buds is undeniable. Facts are facts and the fact with Ca’n Pilot Ibiza is no matter what dish you get, you will always leave with a smile upon your face wanting more.

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