Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza Parties, Line-up 2019, Tickets & VIP

When you think of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, you think of luxury, you think of opulence and you think of affluence but most importantly, you think of paradise!

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza made an immediate impact and was soon became one of the biggest attraction on the whole of the White Isle. LocatWhen ed next to another heavenly club in the form of Ushuaia, revellers get to experience the Hard Rock energy as it meets the chilled Ibiza style to create one very unique synergy.

Not only do you get to experience this, but Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza explodes with further delights to it's magnificent complex including rock 'n' roll memorabilia, two fantastic pools, four restaurants, a beach club and of course it's open air venue where events are held throughout the summer.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you won't find many better than the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. With luxurious suites on offer, a cocktail station and a huge roof terrace with a jacuzzi to die for, this place is second to nobody!

With the majority of the Playa D'Em Bossa super-clubs within walking distance, where else would you plan on spending Ibiza recuperating get from those deadly hangovers other than the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza?

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