Ibiza Rocks Diner - My Ibiza

Ibiza Rocks Bar/ Diner – the smaller San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa siblings of the famous Ibiza Rocks Hotel which plays host to some of the very best music, gigs and crowds the White Isle has to offer.

The same applies with the siblings however; they come with arguably some of the best food the White Isle has to offer too.

Firstly in San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks Bar is situated along the San Antonio beach front and is considered one of the most in-demand restaurants and bars on the entire island. Whether you are starving and are in need of the ever famous chicken-pita-meal-deal or simply wish to admire the view on display, Ibiza Rocks Bar has it all, even live bands to keep the crowds in attendance entertained as night-time falls.

As for Ibiza Rocks Diner, this particular outlet is based in Playa D’En Bossa on the other side of the island and can be accessed via a 20 minute bus journey. Yes, we know 20 minutes can be a bit of an inconvenience but the food is definitely worth the wait.

Serving the same spectacular food and irresistible cocktails the San Antonio outlet has to offer, this Playa D’En Bossa gem is also convenient in the fact that it is right on the doorstep of all the big super-clubs, perfect for those of you looking to burn off all of your food on the nearest dance floor.

So we’ve gathered that Ibiza rocks... however now after seeing those menus, it rocks just that little bit more.

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