KM5 Ibiza - My Ibiza

KM5 Ibiza – always talked about in the highest regard with nothing but positivity flowing through the veins of the atmosphere present at this San Jose spectacular.

Looking for something different of the highest quality? You may have to travel a fair way and by a ‘fair way’, we mean journeying on over to the countryside at km 5.6 on the road in between Ibiza and San Jose – trust me, if will be worth every step or cent of the way (depending on if you walk or get a taxi, we advise a taxi of course to save your energy).

Upon arrival, guests will discover a glamorous lounge bar and luxurious restaurant fit for royalty (no wonder everyone raves on about KM5 Ibiza). It’s not just the ambience of the place that does the trick for visitors either, the food is simply remarkable. From Fusion cuisine to Mediterranean heaven and sushi galore, life is always good when at the dinner table at KM5 Ibiza.

Impressed thus far? You will be head over heels when you experience the fantastic ambience created during a night-time party at KM5 Ibiza!

Such an addition makes KM5 Ibiza a must-see at least one during a visit to the White Isle.

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