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Having become a regular inclusion of the nightly antics and wonders provided to tourists by the Sunset Strip, Savannah Ibiza sets itself apart from the rest of the strip with its unique, relaxed and chilled-out vibe reflecting the finer qualities summer has to offer.

All of this can be enjoyed through the fingertips of the resident DJ, the smiles and amazing service of the waitressing staff and the succulent dishes that accompany them.
So what exactly is on the menu here at Savannah Ibiza?

The modern menu has a little something for everyone’s taste-buds... from brunch to the grill menu and various salads to tapas; Savannah Ibiza has everything you could possibly want on a plate and more! And of course, by using the phrase “and more”, we mean endless quantities of premium cocktails and the very best in champagne sangria – cheers to that!

By day, Savannah Ibiza is simply breath-taking. The sun is always on point, the views are splendid and life on the Sunset Strip couldn’t be any more heavenly. The same applies of an evening as a view worth a thousand words can be seen by those getting into the groove for their nights out down at the Sunset Strip whilst Savannah Ibiza sometimes offers the option to continue the party on into their incredibly intimate backroom allowing DJs to turn up the volume even more.

Savannah Ibiza literally has it all; the only thing missing now is you!

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