The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza - My Ibiza

Had enough of fast food options to cure your hangover? Trying to keep in shape whilst on holiday to ensure all your hard work in the gym doesn’t go undone? Then as you walk down the West End in San Antonio, you simply MUST take a sharp left at the top and make your way in to Skinny Kitchen Ibiza.

Skinny Kitchen Ibiza – the home of the healthy and the solution with the answer book in the form of a menu with all the necessities you require for a healthy diet (well, almost everything, all it needs now is a gym).

Skinny Kitchen Ibiza really in a niche diner and is incomparable to anything else the island has to offer. With its low carbohydrates and healthy homemade meals, Skinny Kitchen Ibiza is hitting all the right buttons and is doing so in style.

Inspired by four close friends, they provide cuisine like no other with healthy breakfasts, British food, and snack food and of course, vegetarian food with the option to eat in or take away. Not only this, but Skinny Kitchen Ibiza also offers the unique inclusion of low calorie cocktails, detox smoothies and protein shakes.

With two Skinny Kitchen diners to choose from, both based in San Antonio, you really are spoilt for choice.

Sounds good... tastes good... looks skinny!

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