Tapas Ibiza - My Ibiza

Picture a treasure map and follow the route with X marking the spot... upon reaching the X destination, you will discover a treasure unlike any other as you walk up the steps to Tapas Ibiza!

In what could only be described as walking up to the staircase of heaven, guests are presented with modern tapas, wines and cocktails of the finest degree. All of this takes place in an old country farmhouse which has now been impressively converted into a modernised restaurant with an incredible open air terrace and a lounge garden that provides a laid back atmosphere.

Such an atmosphere is continued when in the restaurant as guests’ ears are caressed with the chilled music played in the background. However, in terms of cuisine, Tapas Ibiza offers tourists, locals and workers alike with some of the highest quality dishes the White Isle has around.

Situated just a short walk away from San Antonio beach, you will find yourself right at home with an efficient waitressing team on hand providing you wish your desired dishes catering to your every need.

Serving cuisine ranging from Spanish and vegetarian to their phenomenal tapas delights, you will never want to leave your table from under the stars.

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