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Magdalena: Out of the mirror of the sun and into the Shadows

It feels like a long time since Magdalena began playing in Ibiza.

Initially just a small name on a flyer for the outdoor events of respected labels like Mobilee and Diynamic, Magdalena had only been publicly DJing for a few years when she was booked for her first White Isle gigs.

Fast forward four years, and she has her own headline residency on the island, Shadows, at this season’s dark horse for quality underground music, Blue Marlin. There’s even a billboard outside the airport advertising the party, and it certainly seems to have taken off – the Friday nights we visited were packed with clubbers of all ages dancing through from daytime to midnight. 

This season feels like a culmination of a lifetime spent in the eponymous ‘shadows’ of electronic music for the talented producer. Prior to her first time DJing to an audience or fiddling with productions, Magdalena was a promoter at Hamburg’s famed EGO club – providing her with an extensive education in the art of putting on a great party.

Following seeing her fill up Amnesia’s infamous Terrace at Diynamic’s recent takeover of the club, we caught up with Magdalena to discuss her experiences this season so far and future plans. 

Let’s start from the very beginning: when did you first decide to try your hand at DJing and production?

Music runs in the family and I’d been learning for fun before, but to be honest the moment I first realised I could do it professionally was back in the days at EGO club in Hamburg when, after having closed the club up by myself at 10am, I decided to get on the decks and have a play. It was then that I could really visualise this becoming my future.

This year you launched your Ibiza residency at Blue Marlin, SHADOWS. How has it all been going so far? Are there any events out of this that have stood out for you in particular this season?

I’m happy to report that it’s been going really well so far. I’ve played residencies at Blue Marlin in the past so I knew the team there would be able to deliver our vision. I guess the most memorable one so far would be the opening party, as it was so rewarding to have all our months of hard work come into reality. It was the first time Solomun played at Blue Marlin, and the turn out surpassed all our expectations.

You have a background in running a club, does this help when it comes to planning an Ibiza residency?

I would definitely say so. Years of running one of the most successful clubs all over the world have made me realise what transforms a mere ‘party’ into a holistic experience for the audience. And this helps a lot in creating a new and highly personal concept that captures my visions.

The party is a free evening party rather than late night at a high end club. Is this element important to you?

Blue Marlin is a beach club which is known for its free access, and this policy will be maintained as well for ‘Shadows’. The early start time and free access means you get a real mixture of people, plus it feeds into our concept around Shadows – the way the light changes through the evening means you have more to play with in terms of the production.

Who takes care of the lineup and with what criteria do you choose your guests every week?

I picked the DJs for each event – it was important to me as ‘Shadows’ is close to my heart and the music is the biggest aspect in shaping the experience for guests. The DJs we invited are all close friends and a great fit not only for Blue Marlin as a venue, but for the concept of my residency as well. It‘s going to be a great summer!

Have you been to any other parties aside from your own so far this summer?

Between all the travelling it can sometimes be difficult to fit more Ibiza partying in, especially as I love being out and enjoying the island by day so much. I do sometimes try to get down to Solomun’s plus 1 party on Sundays at Pacha, I’ve also checked out Heart recently, and if I have time, I might try to check out some more underground spots with my friends. However, if I’m not gigging or travelling, it’s important for me to get my downtime and sleep in too.

When was your very first Ibiza gig and what happened?

I remember it clearly like it was yesterday! It was at Cova Santa, a lovely outdoor venue and restaurant away from the main clubbing towns. I played for Diynamic Outdoor and everything went well – I was very excited and had lots of fun, and made new friends along the way.

Tell us about your recently released EP on Diynamic ‘Elementum’ – what was the inspiration behind it?

The idea for Elementum came along whilst I was producing the first track, ‘Mountains of Es Cubells’. I received these voice messages from my good friend Steve from Paris, which I incorporated into this track. And for me, they represented the spirit of what nightlife is all about. To let go and to celebrate life in all its facets.

And finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2018?

I’m very excited for my US tour coming up at the end of September, and then we have Diynamic takeovers to look forward to at ADE and two magical clubs in Brazil, Warung and Laroc in October – the fun never stops! I’ve also got a lot of new material I’ve been testing over the season that I’m hoping to release as an EP soon, so keep an eye out for that one!

Make sure you don’t miss the Shadows closing party next week on Friday 21st September… all details can be found here.


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