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Music On’s Day Show breathes fresh life into Ibiza’s daytime parties

Following an impressive opening season in Ibiza, Music On’s Day Show finishes on a high with their grand closing party at El Patio.

Friday’s in Ibiza always tend to come accompanied by a flurry of deep breaths. The preparation and anticipation can sometimes appear overwhelming, but all within good reason – after all, weekends are all about the music and we can thank Music On for playing a big role in this.

Rewinding the clock back a few years, Music On marathons were one of the quintessential Ibiza experiences. No feeling on the island could quite replicate that of powering through from midnight until the late morning hours in the iconic Amnesia Terrace. The Balearic sun would be beaming through the glass roof, you’d be surrounded by your best mates and the legendary Marco Carola would have all of your emotions in the very palm of his hand.

This feeling is reflected in the most recent edition of Music On as Marco takes over the controls from Circoloco favourites, The Martinez Brothers. Watching the world around him attentively, the expectation in the air becomes so intense, you can cut it with a knife. From the dance floor to the VIP section located upstairs, Amnesia is jam-packed providing a feel similar to that of a modern-day Roman Colosseum.

Restricted by a pressurising hurdle of earlier closing times, Music On changed their approach for 2018 with the introduction of their brand new Day Show over at the new poolside location of El Patio over in Playa d’en Bossa.

Looking to reignite the after-party vibes of old, Music On’s Day Show
has proven invigorating. Breathing fresh life into the island’s daytime fiestas, their closing edition is no exception.

With the party starting at 16:00, Naples native Antonio Pica wastes little time in setting the tone for the afternoon as he translates his vigorous personality into a set full of energy and emotional force.

Taking over from Antonio is Mindshake chief, Paco Osuna. Coating the purest techno sounds with deep, dark and creative characteristics, Paco is lively yet sophisticated in his approach whilst proving relentless in his search for new forms of expression.

Closing out Music On’s Day Show season proceedings is bossman, Marco Carola. Not one for fist-pumping or too much crowd interaction, his expressionless face is firmly focused on those partying in front. Rolling one signature Carola tech house anthem into the next, the energy supplied by the Italian maestro is second to none.

Here’s a selection of the best moments from Music On’s Day Show closing this past Saturday.

[postfeature title=’Nobody closes quite like Marco Carola’ align=’left’ image=’×200.jpeg’]

One of the most respected names in the game, Marco Carola provides the perfect illustration of why he remains at the very forefront of the underground scene to this day as he closes out proceedings in exceptional form.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’A loyal following super-charged with energy’ align=’left’ image=’×200.jpeg’]

Having stomped away at Amnesia for hours on end, it can seem quite a steep task to do the same all over again for eight hours over at El Patio the next day. However, the Music On faithful aren’t just any type of crowd… they’ve done this for years during the sun-soaked mornings in the Terrace – the Day Show was a welcomed inclusion into their Ibiza itineraries.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’El Patio offers a plethora of intimacy’ align=’left’ image=’×200.jpeg’]

Flying the flag for Playa d’en Bossa, El Patio’s warm and friendly atmosphere ignites levels of intimacy which are rarely replicated by any other daytime party on the island.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’Paco Osuna was in remarkable form’ align=’left’ image=’×200.jpeg’]

A long-time favourite of the Music On crew, Paco Osuna gives revellers a daytime send-off to remember.[/postfeature]

[postfeature title=’A rare formula’ align=’left’ image=’×200.jpeg’]

A daytime afters following the madness of a party like Music On is a rare combination to find these days in Ibiza. However, their Daytime Show at El Patio fuses together a wealth of Music On favourites, a crowd full of energy and an atmosphere built around a love for the music.[/postfeature]

Music On will host a three-day closing party at Amnesia, Privilege and Blue Marlin from Friday 5th October until Sunday 7th October. Click here for more information.


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