Born in Italy and made in Ibiza, Frank Storm is in the midst of a musical journey full of creative flair living life ever so less ordinary than your average Joe.

Originally starting out in Milan, Storm went on to join Bolgia before finally setting his sights on the White Isle and since then, the world has been his oyster.

We recently caught up with Unusual Suspects resident, Frank Storm, and discussed his experiences of playing at Bolgia in Italy, his Unusual Suspects residency at Sankeys Ibiza and his latest release on Get Physical titled ‘A Man Dressed Like A Child’.

First of all Frank, let’s rewind the tape back to your early years. How did you first notice electronic music and when did you first start developing a feeling for it?

I got closer to electronic music thanks to my uncle, that when I was little, he always carried me around and in the car there was always this music. From there, I started to get interested and slowly to get introduced to it.

Who were your earliest influences and how have they helped define your current sound?

Since I was a child, I’ve been always inspired by Sven Vath, but I’ve always loved all the music, from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Depeche Mode.

You originally started your professional DJ career over in Milan in Italy. What did you enjoy the most about your playing time here and why?

Easter 2013. I was at Bolgia Club and I had to make the closing set with in front 3,000 people. I was playing after Len Faki and so it wasn’t one of the simplest things to do, but I remember it was really a fantastic thing.

You eventually went on to join Bolgia – a venue that gave you the visibility to discover the White Isle. How essential do you think your experiences at Bolgia has helped contributed to the development of your career as an artist?

It definitely helped me to grow up as a DJ, because being a resident for four years has made me learn to know the audience and understand the work of the DJ, how to behave in the warm up, and finally, being a very big stage, it helped me a lot to break the ice and feel good behind the decks.

Speaking of the White Isle, you held down a winning residency at No Name Ibiza. What is so special to you about this particular venue and why? What do you think makes it so unique in comparison to any other on the island?

For me No Name is something special, I left a piece of my heart there, it was a small wooden chiringuito on the beach at Playa D’en Bossa, that personally gave the opportunity to show me and perform for the first times on the White Isle. The message to convey was just ‘true Ibiza’: beach party and good music.

Let’s talk more about Unusual Suspects now. You are of course one of the brand’s main residents – how did Unusual Suspects first form and what were the original visions for the brand?

Unusual Suspects’ main vision is to propose high quality music not primarily related to the mainstream system.

For someone who has never experienced a night out at Unusual Suspects, what could one expect? What do you think makes the night so unique in comparison to any other on the island?

A night where you can wear sneakers and come to listen to good music and be yourself.

Unusual Suspects has held a residency down at Sankeys Ibiza since late 2015. Talk us through some of your earliest/favourite memories with the brand and why they mean so much to you…

For sure, the opening on 11th November 2015 was one of the most beautiful nights, because it was the beginning of this long and amazing trip.

What is your favourite aspect of playing at Sankeys Ibiza and why?

It’s like my second home and I like it because it’s one of the few clubs where you can always talk about music.

In terms of the records you play at your Unusual Suspects residency, what have been your favourite three to include in your sets as of late and why?

The Amazing – ‘Ques Que Voy Voulez’
Jazy Haze – ‘I Wait For U’
The Mole – ‘In My Song’

Speaking of tracks, your latest release came out earlier this month on Get Physical titled ‘A Man Dressed Like A Child’. What was the story behind this concept and where did you gain the inspiration for its creation?

The draft was made on the plane travelling to Miami, and then I developed it in my studio in Barcelona.

You also have a forthcoming release coming out on Serialism. Can you tell us more about this concept and the production that went into making it?

I have always been attracted to the sound of Serialism and am very happy to have joined this family, a very respected label where for years have been part of it and still are, many artists in the underground scene.

Finally, if you could select three words to describe your exclusive Next Evolution mix for us, what would you choose and why?

Crunchy, eclectic and fresh.

You can listen to Frank’s guest mix for The Next Evolution below.

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