Born in an unknown location somewhere off the coast of Ireland, the first year on earth for the quite simply captivating Hybrasil has seen him focus all of his energy on Techno and nothing else.

Following a string of impressive live performances last year alongside the legendary likes of Juan Atkins, Sven Vath and Jeff Mills, Hybrasil soon began to turn the heads of the Techno elite. His music started to gain support from such respected names as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke and Danny Tenaglia on the regular.

Determined to continue riding this relentless wave of momentum, Hybrasil has launched his very own self-titled label thus providing his remarkable takes on Techno with a brand new home.

We recently caught up with Ireland-born DJ and Producer, Hybrasil, ahead of playing for Pure Carl Cox this July and discussed the musical influences that have helped define his sound, what he is most looking forward to about playing for Pure Carl Cox at Privilege Ibiza and his visions for his self-titled label, Hybrasil.

First things first, Hybrasil was born on the coast of Ireland not too long ago. In terms of musical influences, what artists have helped define your sound and why?

Reset Robot has been a huge influence on my career, on a technical level he is one of the top producers out there. Jeff Mills inspired me to start DJing, a mate of mine showed me the Exhibitionist and gave me bootlegs of his radio show from WJLB; then there was no turning back. He has continued to do so through his orchestral and cinematic projects and straight up just being one of the best DJs on the planet, if not the best.

I have been fortunate enough to work with him on DJ shows and his first Orchestra show in Ireland. His orchestra show is without a doubt the most mind blowing experience I’ve ever had. He also uses my 909 when he is in Ireland, I got him to sign it.

Richie Hawtin / Plastikman have been massively influential on me also. Richie has created many different artists, labels and event concepts that have really blown my mind. Contakt and Plastikman Live, for sure, are up there for me among those shows that totally change your perspective on things.

Visiting places like Sonar, ADE, Timewarp, Awakenings are also really important. You need to get out and get amongst it.

You experienced quite the debut year with impressive live performances alongside the likes of Juan Atkins, Visionquest duo Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtis as well as Techno legends Sven Vath and Jeff Mills. For someone who has never experienced a live Hybrasil set, what can one expect?

I love playing live. I feel a live set communicates more about you as an artist to the people in front of you. At the moment, my live rig is driven by Maschine Jam; I use that with Ableton and a Roland TR-909. I recently bought an Octatrack, which I plan on integrating into the set up as well, perhaps to replace the computer.

With playing live, there is always lots to learn, and new things you can try out. For me, it’s the ultimate challenge. Matthew Jonson, KiNK and Octave One have really set the standard for live performance.

Let’s focus more on Ibiza now; you recently had the opportunity to perform live on the Privilege Ibiza Terrace for a very special sunrise set. What did you enjoy the most about this experience and why?

That was brilliant, it felt like breaking into a warehouse to do a rave as the club hadn’t opened yet. We rocked up at 6am, we brought our own sound system and went for it. The sunset on that Terrace is incredible. Can’t wait to see Kerri Chandler there.

How did you prepare your track selection for this particular set to represent the true reflection of what the Ibiza sunrise experience truly feels like?

I took more of a melodic approach for that one for sure, so I didn’t cut loose as I normally do at a festival, luckily I had the material to do it.

Speaking of Privilege Ibiza, this summer will see you appear at the world’s largest super-club playing for Pure Carl Cox on Tuesday 11th July. When you first discovered you would be a part of this billing, what emotions were running through your body at the time and how did you react?

It was incredible, like many, I’ve been a fan of Carl Cox for a long time. We used to save up to go to his gigs at the Redbox club in Dublin when we were younger. Once, my mate crashed his car on his way to meet us to go see Carl play at the Point Depot. He still made it to the gig and left the car in a field somewhere in the Dublin mountains. We were all dedicated, so when news came through my mates proper kicked off. I felt it was a win for all of us to be honest, every person who used to queue up in the rain outside the old Redbox to see their favourite DJs.

What are you most looking forward to about this particular date and why?

Loads of my mates are travelling over from Ireland for it, so I really can’t wait to share this with them. I’m looking forward to seeing the club in full swing with a full Funktion1 rig. I can’t wait to see the villa and of course meet Carl.

Carl Cox’s residency was arguably one of the biggest weekly fixtures Space Ibiza ever possessed. How do you think his two showcases at Privilege Ibiza will compare to his residency at Space Ibiza? What can we expect different from the Pure Carl Cox events?

It’s not Space so it will be different, but it will have its own vibe and energy. There’s only two dates so it’s going to be a condensed experience. The main room is a big old space and Carl is the best man on the planet to fill it.

Why do you think Privilege Ibiza is the perfect venue selection for Carl to take his next Ibiza venture?

It’s a big industrial space, add in the best Function One sound rig on the planet and Carl Cox and you’ve got one of the best parties on the planet. Easy.

Switching gears now, we noticed that your latest EP on Intacto Records, ‘Rassor’, is available for purchase. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind this concept and the production that went into it?

Shinedoe has been playing ‘Rassor’ for nearly two years, I finally got an EP package together for her this year. I’ve been buying Intacto Records since I started going to ADE in 2006, the whole team have been a great support to me, releasing four tracks in total on the ‘Rassor’ EP. Since that release, I’ve also released tracks on Gregor Tresher’s Break New Soil (‘Flexo’), Pleasurekraft’s label Kraftek (‘Elthy’ is #76 in the Beatport Techno 100 chart at the time of writing) and an EP for Ronnie Spiteri’s Kenja Records. The Rhymos remix of ‘Glorify’ reached #35 in the Beatport Minimal top 100.

When it comes to production, how does the electronic music scene in your home country of Ireland inspire you creatively within the studio?

I think in the early stages of my career, I would say yes for sure. Going to the Redbox and the POD introduced me to a lot of DJs for the first time. There were also a lot of small intimate parties run by promoters called Bodytonic and Electric City which made a big impact; not just because of the music but also the community vibe at those parties. The first time I saw Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Magda, Luke Slater was in these small basement clubs in Dublin. It was incredible. As time has progressed I’ve taken more influence from Sonar, ADE, Timewarp, Awakenings and Space Ibiza.

Finally, you recently launched your very own label in early April. What are you visions for your self-titled label and how do you see it progressing over the next year or so?

Hybrasil the label is a platform for my own projects. Having a label is something I’ve toyed with for sometime so I finally made the leap. What I love about it is that it gives me a bit more control over my release schedule and if I have a track I feel is a bit out there I have a platform for it. It’s all digital at the moment, but I plan on doing a compilation vinyl down the line.

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